The Joy (and Pain) of Organizing My Closet


It is spring again, and with its arrival comes one of the tasks that many people dread: Spring Cleaning. I have to make a To-Do checklist of tasks and chores that need to be tackled to make sure that we have taken care of everything around our home. A final task is one that I always leave for last to accomplish because I love (and hate) doing it: organizing my closet.

Why am I so conflicted about this chore? Well, I hate rifling through all of the items that I have crammed within this tiny cubby of a closet; going through everything, debating whether to keep an item, then putting everything that I am keeping back in a neat and orderly fashion. I love organizing my closet because it is a nostalgic chore where I get to relive fond memories in many of these pieces, and the ones that do not go back in the closet will find a new home and be loved by someone else. How do I go about taking on this mountain of a task? Unfortunately, wine is not involved as it will slow down this process (though it could very well be had afterward), but I do the following steps to get this job done.

Dump it all out
For this stage, whether it is too small, has holes in it, or is for another season, I just toss it out of the closet into a nice, neat pile. This way, I am not bogging myself down with making quick decisions about what to do with my clothes.




Keep it, Store it, Dump it, Give it away
Now it is time to roll up my sleeves to get some real work done! I like separating my mountainous pile of clothes into four piles: Keep, Store, Dump, Give Away. I also like using a tab of paper for each section so I do not get the piles mixed up. By doing this, I can go through each piece of clothing, try it on to see if it still fits, and place it in the appropriate pile. This step is by far the longest of all of the steps in this process, but it is also the most fun. I get to play “Dress-Up” in my room, and I can even come up with new outfit combinations as I go through my clothes while blaring music and belting out some of my favourite tunes. For the clothing I am giving away, I donate them to a charitable organization that will benefit from my donation.




Put it away
With all of the fun over, it is time to put everything away. I start with items that need to go on a hanger back into my closet, as this is the easier of my tasks to do.I then fold clothes that are going back onto my shelf.  I arrange these items by type of clothing (dresses, pants, blouses, etc.) and by colour. The items I will be donating will go into a bag or box that we will set aside until they are picked up. The clothing that no longer can be worn we will use to dust and clean with around our home, or re-purpose for something else so we are not just throwing clothing out.




That is how I do it! Organizing my closet seems hard to do at first, but once I start this process it becomes fun! The next time I plan on going through my closet is the fall to get ready for the winter. Going through my closet also lets me know what new pieces I need to have for the upcoming season. I hope that my tips have been helpful for you to go spelunking in your closet! What other tips and tricks do you have when you organize your closet? Is it a deplorable chore or a labour of love?

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