Friends – the most important ingredient in the recipe of life

Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life.

What is life without friends? Thanks to mine, I’ll never know. And special thanks to technology for making it so easy to keep in touch.

But why are friends so important? There’s scientific proof to show that friends are good for your health and well-being. Whether it is good times or bad times, true friends stick around.

I consider myself lucky that my friends shower me with unconditional love, encouraging me to grow, often out of my comfort zone. They deliver a timely kick in the pants when I need it and fill my heart with gifts – the gifts of time, presence, a ready shoulder, support, love and laughter. They are there to celebrate the good times and hug me when I am sad or unhappy. They see me as I am and love me anyway, because they’re my friends.

As research has found, friendship is not just a way to pass the time. The therapeutic benefits of having a friend are invaluable. Women, especially, tend to go after close friendships whose bonds bring wonderful benefits. I have proof of that!

What can the power of friendship do for you?

It makes tough things seem easier

Let’s say you’ve just entered a building and need to get to the 7th floor. You head for the elevator. You find it isn’t working. The prospect of climbing seven floors is not fun. Do it with a friend – and it doesn’t seem so bad compared to doing it alone. If your bestie is with you, it is a cakewalk!

You feel healthier

Life brings problems, and one of them is health issues. When you have a network of friends, you are likely to live longer than if you didn’t have any friends. Try hanging out with a group of friends. You’ll find that your blood pressure is more balanced and you feel less depressed.

You stress less

Did you know that a woman’s brain releases the happy hormone or oxytocin when she feels stressed and makes her want to bond? Yes – women relieve stress via bonding with their friends and also outlive men because of this. What about men, you ask? Their brains are affected by cortisol and adrenaline – which triggers the fight or flight response.

You never feel alone

There’s a sense of belonging that makes you feel connected and loved. You always have someone to talk to and feel physically and emotionally supported because you know that no matter what, you can pick up the phone and pour your heart out.

You enjoy better self-esteem

This is one of the best things about having close friends – they make you feel important, they care about your feelings and opinions and this makes you feel good about yourself.
And of course, they always tell it like it is – and you are likelier to take it in the right way, coming from them!

Your perspective is better

When you belong with a group of friends, you see things in a different light – after all, we’re all individuals and have our own thought processes. And when we have different points of view, we find it easier to handle life’s problems and find solutions.

You have a ready made sounding board

Yes, we all need a listening ear sometimes, right? Just to vent, let off steam and keep us cool. Friends are there when you need them, read to lend a ear.

You grow as a person

Friends let you be yourself. Even if you disagree on something, you can discuss it among yourselves and learn to appreciate each other’s’ point of view. This prepares you to face bigger situations in life.

I’d say these eight reasons are good enough for me to hang out with my friends!

Truly, friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

Do you have a best friend?

What do you cherish most about your relationship?

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