Hooray for changes to Canada’s food labels!

Hey Canadian Parents, have you heard the news?

Last week, Health Minister Rona Ambrose gave a press conference announcing new government initiatives for Canada’s nutritional labeling regulations, including proposed changes regarding consistent serving sizes, and sugar labeling.

Here at PTPA, we think this is especially awesome. Not only are these proposed changes a huge step in the right direction, but it is initiatives like this that will be important for manufacturer transparency, and brand loyalty. By simplifying nutrition labels the government is giving consumers the tools they need to make smart and healthy purchasing decisions, which can only improve our overall habits.

Our fearless leader, Sharon, had a chance to speak about the topic on CTV News.  What did you think of the announcement?  Do you struggle to understand half of what the food labels are talking about?! Weigh in!  Yes, we are being punny, we know 🙂

Check out the video below:

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