The Swimsuit Debate: Should Little Girls Cover Up At The Pool?

A woman from Guelph, Ontario is calling for the city to change its policy about how little girls and women dress at public pools after her 8 year old daughter was told to cover up this past weekend.

The family was visiting a local park when their children decided to go for a swim but apparently didn’t have their swimsuits so they all took off their shirts and jumped in. Soon after the little girl was playing with her brothers, a lifeguard approached her and asked her age. She responded, and was told to cover up or leave.

Her parents are now arguing that the young girl was embarrassed and singled out, and they are now fighting to change the policy. The city argues that the policy was already in place for some time and has accommodated a lot of changes with regards to women (i.e. various swim times for women who cannot swim with men etc.).

Here’s were things get tricky.

While it is understandable to simply say, “rules are rules,” I still doubt the fact that this child even thought twice about taking her shirt off. Kids are not mentally aware of the sexual side of things (at least most aren’t) at this age, and why shouldn’t a little girl get the same opportunity as the boys? Besides, in Europe AND in most parts of Ontario, walking around shirtless is OK right?

Curious to hear your thoughts…

Do You Think Little Girls Should Be Forced to Wear Bathing Tops in Public Places?

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  • No. I think once kids hit puberty then they should cover up but definitely not before!

    Mikayla O'Reggio

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