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What can $100,000 buy you?

I can think of a million things I would do with that amount of money, and none of them would involve this shift towards our entitled society, that’s for sure!

After recent news of a couple spending $100,000 to guarantee the sex of their baby, and reading through endless comments on the internet, I can’t help but wonder…is the sex of a child THAT important?

One comment hit home the most when reading through one couples story: “You feel incomplete as a mother until you have a girl,” says the four-months-pregnant computer database developer, Rose Costa who is now expecting her third child – a girl due to gender selection!

REALLY? I have 2 gorgeous boys and I can honestly say that I have NEVER considered myself at a loss because I don’t have a little girl. What would be missing? Frilly skirts and some pink decor perhaps? Just plain sexist and non justified to say the least. What about a bond, health or a unique family dynamic that is shared with your family and yours alone?  Isn’t that worth more than $100,000?

I am starting to believe that society has shifted towards attaining whatever is wanted in the moment and any given time without actually considering that a heart cannot be fulfilled with material things- even if it is a baby.

What do you think? Would you spend $100,000 to guarantee the sex of your baby?


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  • Love this article! Hate that we have become a society that can buy anything we want. Also, hate to think of the future ramifications of this type of “selective” process. Imagine a communist type society that deems women to be unnecessary and possiblyy forces this type of planned pregnancy in order to ensure they give birth solely to men. It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel but every invention has its possible ramifications to consider.

    Sharon Vinderine

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