Let Them Stand! The Alternative Classroom.

Interesting concept that could potentially change the way our kids learn.

Juliet & Kelly Starrett volunteered at their daughters’ school field day running the sack races. They saw that many of the kids (as young as 6 years old) lack the range of motion to get into the sack and also lack the range of motion to get full hip extension in the jump. Determined to help solve the problem of  weight gain and lack the basic fitness, they realized that kids are losing their range of motion and are not fit because they are essentially SITTING TOO MUCH.

I have said it many times to my husband, family and friends and I will say it again, as children I don’t remember sitting as long as our children do today. To be honest, I think the newer generation of children could benefit more from movement of any kind, whether it be by simply standing more or actually getting out and moving.

The mission of StandUp Kids is to get every public school child at a standing desk in 10 years, to combat the epidemic of sedentary lifestyles and inactivity, and to better reflect 21st century education goals.

While I agree with the concept, I also believe that an entire day of standing could potentially get tiring too. Perhaps an equal balance of sorts or a shift toward the ‘old way of learning’ may be in order.

Do you think this project is headed in the right direction? Do you think our children could benefit from standing while learning?


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  • I think they should stand/move more. I have a desk job and sometimes even I just need to get up to move and stretch my legs. I know the kids have recess but a sit/stand option for desks is a great idea!

    Shawna Cavanagh
  • Thanks for sharing, I agree! I totally think it could work, given the right circumstances.

  • I think this is the a step in the right direction, but I feel that they should actually be moving more. Standing alone will not help correct the physical limitations imposed by sitting for prolonged periods of time. Active breaks would be very helpful.. oh, wait. I think that’s what recess used to be lol.

    Kelsi Andrew-Wasylik

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