Road Trip Survival Guide

One of my favourite things to do is hop in the car and go. I love hitting the road for a cross country adventure. This is a great way to see so many sights that you would miss flying to your destination. Whether your trip is just a day thing, or a big cross country journey, I’ve made a list of some road trip must haves to make your trip awesome!

  1. Research – Before you leave, spend some time searching out interesting sights along the way. Pull over to ANY and ALL roadside attractions. Sure, it makes the trip a little longer, but you will stumble across all sorts of fun and funny things that will make your time memorable! Over the years my family has seen some pretty crazy stuff!
  2. Music – This is HUGE for us. We all love music, and love making a road trip mixed CD for our time in the car. The right tunes can add so much. Years later, you may hear an old song, and it will take you right back to a certain time and place, and put a smile on your face!
  3. Snacks – Part of the fun for us is eating at roadside diners. Although this is delicious, it is usually not so nutritious, so it’s a good idea to pack healthy snacks to eat along the way. It also cuts down on the number of stops we make, and saves a bit of money. Fruit, fruit squeezes, veggies, water bottles, drink boxes, crackers, meat sticks, nuts, you get the idea!
  4. Maps – I am old school this way. I know GPS is a thing of beauty, but I still like to have a paper map on hand. You never know when you may need it. I also like to use my roadside assistance membership and have them print out their travel-sized flip maps. I get one for each child, so they can follow along as we drive. They are free, and it’s a pretty cool thing for the kids to have!
  5. Cameras – Both of my guys have their own waterproof cameras. It’s great to see the trip through their eyes. Some of my favourite vacation pictures are the ones my eight year old took!
  6. Keep busy items – This varies for family members. Crosswords, colouring books, small toys, travel board games, books. Take a break from electronics! Hopefully no one in your family gets carsick, but if they do, like two members of mine, go to #7!
  7. Comfort items – Neck pillows, a blanket, adult and child pain medication, adult and child motion sickness medication, barf bags. ( I know, but it has to be said!) Keep the bags in an easy to reach spot in the back for the kids, in case you have a little sickie and can’t pull over fast enough. That way there’s no pressure to pull over quickly. Always get off the highway, safety first!

Well, there you have it. Seven easy tips to get you going on your next adventure! Do you have any must-have road trip items or ideas? I’d love to hear them and add to the list.

Now buckle up and get going!




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