6 Natural ways to Treat Mosquito Bites

Yes, Cottage Season is finally here! I’m sure I am not the only one who has been counting the days until I could sit in traffic for way longer than I should to reach my oasis. Traffic is annoying, frustrating and a huge waste of time, but as soon as I get to the cottage step out onto the deck and see that beautiful view, it makes it all worth it.


Then I get bit by a mosquito. I can’t even count how many campfires I had to enjoy windowside due to mosquitos.  Not everyone is allergic to mosquitos, some people are lucky and don’t even get bit. Me on the other hand, they smell me a mile away and attack. Not only does the bump left behind drive me nuts, the sound of them near me and the actual tiny pick of their bite drives me insane. You guessed it I’m not one of the lucky ones, who doesn’t notice the bite or barely reacts. I am the total opposite, as soon as the mosquito makes contact I swell up. My initial bite looks like one that someone has scratched for days (I’ll save you the visual and not post a pic).


So boy was I happy when I came across this list of Natural remedies that you most likely already have in your house.

1) Make yourself a cup of tea, try to relax and let the tea bag dry. Place the dry bag on the bite.


2) Head over to your pantry, pull out the honey and rub raw honey on your bite.


3) While at the cottage you probably are going to have a salad at some point – well make sure you save some apple cider vinegar because you may need to apply it to your bite to stop the itch. Apple cider vinegar is not just for salad dressing.


4)Baking soda. Everyone has baking soda – it has sooo many uses. Well relieving mosquito bite itch is just one more to add to the list. Add a tiny bit of water to the baking soda – create a paste and cover those bites.


5)Bananas aren’t just for monkeys anymore. Enjoy your banana, I am sure after scratching so much you may need to keep your strength up. Then take the peel and rub the inside part on your bite. Instant relief.


6) With summer comes sun – so I am sure you have some aloe vera laying around, just incase you fall asleep lounging. You can apply that to your bite. If you have an Aloe Vera Plant kicking around, even better! Take a leaf off of it and rub it directly on the bite.


Thanks to these tips I can now enjoy fires without looking through a window. Granted my clothing covers me head to toe and there is no skin showing what so ever. At least I now know that  if I do get bit I can get relief fast.

What natural remedies do you swear by?

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  • I had absolutely NO clue there were natural remedies for those pesky bugs! This just saved me! I am allergic to DEET and I now have some salvation because I seem to be their target every single time!

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