Fun Family Staycation Ideas

We are right smack in the middle of the summer! We all look forward spending time with the family and having some fun, but there are times that going away on a family vacation is not an option or is not desirable. What do you do to keep everyone happy while being together as a family when you have this extra bit of time off from the working world? You can have a staycation! Here are a few tips to make your next staycation a fun one for everyone.

Planning a fun staycation can be as simple or as detailed as you want it to be! You do not even have to leave your home to make a long weekend a fun and memorable one. You can set up activities that will keep your family busy. These activities could on the quiet side and do some fun crafts together, or you can have some fun outdoors and create an activity for them to complete, or you can pull out with some active toys that will keep the kids going all day long! Movie Nights are also fun activity to set up, where you can make some favourite snacks, choose a movie and snuggle up to enjoy the show!




If adventure lies beyond your front (or back) door, there are also so many places around you that your family can get our and explore. You can go for a walk and get a workout in while getting in some family bonding while seeing some of the sights in your neighbourhood or along the trails designated for walkers. You could also go on a picnic at a splash pad or at the beach and have some fun while soaking up the sun. No matter what level of activity you plan to be involved in, make sure that you have the essentials to make your time outdoors healthy and comfortable.

If being active is not your cup of tea, you can turn to your community to entertain your family. There are programs and exhibits at museums and libraries that will wow and educate your family during you visit. Certain stores and businesses also run drop-in classes where you can do and make things while having fun together. The summer is also jammed packed with events and festivals that your family can take part in and make memories that will last a lifetime.




A staycation do not have to be a bore. They can be as much fun as you want them you be! All you have to do is decide which activities and events you want to take part in to make your time together special and memorable!

What type of staycation activities or events would you and your family do to have a great time together?

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