And The Cutest Baby Name Goes To….

Hollywood is notorious for unique baby names, some of which are horrible references to everyday products, alcoholic drinks and nature. Every once and a while a new name pops up and you think, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ and faith in celebrities is restored. That’s what I thought when I read that actress, Ashley Scott, named her little girl ‘Iyla Vue’.

Say it slowly….Iyla Vue….I LOVE YOU! How sweet!

The fact that we say this probably 1,000 times (or more) each and every day to our children makes it that much more special. Before we all go off the wagon and say it is cheesy, or silly….think about it. Do we really ever say a persons entire name every time we speak to them? Nope. So in fact little Iyla will be just that! Iyla!

But to her parents she will forever have the cutest and sweetest little name ever. Now I wonder how they will ever top this name for their future children? That’s gonna be tough!

Does your child have a unique name with a special meaning?

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  • That is probably the most creative name I’ve ever heard of! Too cute.

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