Leftover Chicken? Try This Easy Homemade Chicken Broth with Leftover Chicken Bones

Don’t throw away those leftover chicken bones!  Instead, use them to make a healthy homemade chicken broth to use in a variety of your favorite recipes like chicken noodle casserole or chicken pot pie, or even in homemade enchilada sauce! Making homemade chicken broth not only saves you money, but it tastes about a million times better than anything you’ll buy at…

It’s Easier Than You Think! Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup – Ditch The Can with This Simple 5 Minute Substitution for Cream of Chicken Soup from Scratch

This recipe is so easy, you’ll start to wonder why you’ve never made homemade cream of chicken soup before.  Use this recipe for any of your favorite recipes that call for cream of chicken soup. Cream of Chicken Soup can be used in so many recipes like; chicken noodle casserole, chicken pot pie, and jalapeno popper chicken and rice casserole…

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