To Wear or Not to Wear – Halloween Costumes

My most favorite holiday has always been Halloween, the candy, the costumes, the spooky music – I love it all. As a family we’ve always thought of a Halloween theme far in advance before the big day and we have succeeded in taking the spotlight many times as ‘best dressed’.

This year we were supposed to be Alice in Wonderland – a family affair – until we were told that the children will not be dressing up in their new school.


Their school has stated that a simple orange and black theme will be in effect the day of Halloween in replacement of costumes *Insert mad and fuming mama attitude here* – I was mad. REALLY mad! All that time, effort and money put into making our once awesome Halloween special, gone in seconds.


TIME, MONEY and EFFORT – That’s what it essentially came down to. Although I loved the whole spectacle, I also remember my kiddos struggling to keep their costumes on, itching from the makeup and whining from all the fuss. I also remember all the money wasted for a few hours, and effort put into one single day (hours and days worth).

I guess having an orange and black Halloween theme won’t be so bad after all – we’ll just stock up on a little extra candy and scope the streets to see some amazing costumes anyway.

Does your school allow children to dress up for Halloween?

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