Easy-Peasy Halloween Appetizers for Adults… and Kids


I like Halloween related food as much as any 10-year-old, so this year I decided to give a few Pinteresty related ideas a try.  The result – moderate to above average success!  (Just kidding – they were awesome.) My husband and friends loved them!

Hot Dog Mummies

Buy one package of plain hotdogs and one package of Pillsbury crescent roll dough. Split the hotdogs carefully to create arms and legs.  Slice the crescent roll dough into thin strips and wrap around the “limbs” of the hotdogs. Bake for 10-12 minutes at 375 degrees.

While the mummies are baking you can create….

Mini Jack o’ Lanterns

Clean and core a medium sized orange pepper.  Using a pumpkin carving knife (I got my whole set at the dollar store) to create a scary or silly face in the pepper.  Total time: 5 minutes.  You can also fill the peppers with a dip – creamy ranch or spinach dip works well and creates a grotesque but delicious look.


Try this for a party, or just for your family.  Chances are your kids with love to help prepare the mummies, and the older ones might be very creative with the jack o’ lanterns.  Please be careful to follow safety guidelines in the kitchen in regards to the oven and any cutting materials!!


Happy Halloween!





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