How Not to Pick Your Parenting Style: A First-Time Dad’s Survival Guide

When I found out I was going to be a parent, a million different emotions ran through my body – excitement, happiness, fear, nervousness and how-old-until-I-can-prank-the-kids-without-my-wife-getting-mad. I thought about what type of Dad was I going to be. What types of things would my kid (and eventually kids) learn from me? And although many Dads won’t want to admit this,…

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online: Teach critical thinking and reward it

Demonstrate how to identify safe, credible websites and other digital content. Encourage them to be cautious about clicking on suspicious links and speaking to people they do not know. Encourage the positive by praising their good choices and remaining engaged about what communities/games or apps they enjoy. .cb-fis-big .cb-meta .cb-byline { display: none; } #cb-author-box { display: none; } .cb-fis-block-site-width…

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