Viral: Father Gets Inked By His 4 Year Old Daughter


This photo is going viral for a good reason.

A tattoo shop owner’s picture of this young daughter holding a tattoo machine and drawing a tattoo (with daddy’s assistance) on his arm has gained world-wide attention. With more than 100,000 likes, comments and shares on social media. Seems people are outraged for a couple of reasons, the first one being that the child is too young to be tattooing anyone as well as the fact that the tattoo given looks a little ‘too good’ to have been done by a 4 year old.

Granted, tattoos should be done by professional adults, a part of me is intrigued by this gesture. So many parents get tattooed with drawings of their children or copies of their scribbled names, why not get one done by your child to have on you forever. Seems to me that the photo shows the child being guided by her father, and not actually using the machine herself – so why not?

“It is a professional tool,” Bellomo said. “But the way I was controlling the pedal as well, nothing could have gone wrong. If she were to move a different angle I didn’t like, I was helping her to guide the machine.”

As a tattoo-apprentice myself, I can honestly say that handling a machine is not an easy task and certainly not a dangerous one if assisted by another person. I really love this idea, but I think I will keep the tattooing on my skin for a professional for now…


What do you think of this 4 year old’s rise to tattoo stardom? Do you think it was a wise parenting choice?


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