Embracing My Helicopter Parenting Style



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Ever since my first child was born, I have been labelled ‘helicopter mom’ by friends and family members alike. At first I thought they were over-exaggerating and I really took offense to it, but as time passed I realized that maybe they were right. A helicopter parent is someone who hovers and protects their children against all odds, they live and breathe the lives of their little people and sometimes tend to overstep others when it comes to the decision making.

Doesn’t sound like a very fun parent does it? Let me explain my point of view.

When I found out I was pregnant, my first intuition was protection, protect these tiny beings from harshness that surrounds them. Sure they will grow up one day and be set free into that same harsh world, but my job is to wrap them in bubble wrap them for the time being so that one day they will project goodness onto it.

How can they learn without experience, though?

While I understand that they do need to learn essential life skills, they DO NOT need to be placed in wrongful scenarios they cannot handle, without my guidance. That is why I choose not to let my children go to sleepovers, not to let them venture off around the neighborhood corners alone, and not to slack off on homework. It is my job as a parent to teach and protect them from making the wrong decisions…helicopter parent or not. I know when I grew up these things were very common activities….that was in a time when corruption and violence was not directly imposed on us.

How do you have the time to stay on top of them all the time?

My home is filled with chore charts, set time limits on everything from technology to sugary-sweets and organized drawers filled with clothes that have labels on them.  It is also filled with an unconditional amount of LOVE, affection and tons of time to talk, connect and interact with my family. For me, this is the only type of parenting I know…without all of the organizing, I would feel chaotic and forgetful.

Although, sometimes I do admire other parents who seem to get through it all anyway, simply on a whim 😉

My children may someday be affected by my hovering, perhaps even sheltered by society, but for now I know that I am doing anything and everything I can to keep them happy, and safe- just like the various other ‘types’ of parents out there and that is all my family needs for now.

I have embraced my helicopter parenting style, and I am not afraid to admit it.

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