The Importance of Holiday Quality Time

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It’s that time of year again. When everyone starts panicking about gift giving and how they can possibly find the perfect gift for everyone on their list.

Well, our editorial team at PTPA thought we would give you a hand by sifting through hundreds of holiday submissions and picking the ones that we think will thrill everyone on your list. You can take a look at our 2015 Holiday Guide here.

But more importantly, try to keep top of mind what the holiday season is really meant to be about.  Family, quality time, downtime and bonding with those you love the most.  We get so caught up during the year with all of the activities, the carpooling, the appointments and of course, work and managing a household, that this is the one time of year where we can really enjoy some downtime.

Last night I sat down and did crafts for the holidays with my children.  Device free with the exception of the device that we needed for our tunes. We spent the entire evening together listening to music, gluing, cutting and making a huge mess. Why do I mention this?  Well, likely because I always feel too busy to spend an evening just immersed in an activity with my children without being distracted by work or TV or something else that’s completely irrelevant and not even a tiny bit as important as quality time with my kids.

It helped me realize that it doesn’t have to be an extravagant evening, or plans at some amazing new kids facility, it just needs to be quality time.  Laughing, making new memories and spending time with the people that I would do anything in this world for.

So yes, gifts are important and finding the right gift for that special someone requires some planning and thought, but always keep in mind that the time you spend with that person will be worth more than anything you could ever buy for them.

From our family to yours, wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season!

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