PTPA Blogaholics: Meet Megan Joy

Hi there! My name is Megan Joy and I am so excited to be a Beauty & Fashion contributor for PTPA. I blog over at, come say hi! 


I am a soon-to-be mom (due March 2016) and I think it’s amazing that there are resources like PTPA to help parents navigate through the thousands of products currently on the market. As a first time mom it’s so overwhelming to try and narrow down the search and start to purchase things to prepare for a baby. Thankfully this community can help with that!

I thought I’d start off by mentioning a few pregnancy items that I’ve purchase and have really been enjoying! If you are currently expecting you may find this helpful, and if you are already a parent I’d love to hear what YOU are currently loving.

1- First off is the AZMED Maternity Belt. I’m about 7 months pregnant and at this point I’m starting to get those tell-tail aches and pains that come along with a growing belly. This stretchy adjustable band helps give support to my hip and pelvic muscles as well as relieves back pain. Plus it’s thin enough that I can wear it under my clothes without it showing!

2- Next is PinkBlush Maternity which is an online clothing store that caters to expectant moms by creating stylish clothing that won’t break the bank. In fact the purple shirt I am wearing in the photo above is from PinkBlush! They are always have sales and promotions that make their items even more affordable.

3- Finally I wanted to tell you about the winter jacket that has been getting me (comfortably) through this winter! I picked it up from Walmart for…wait for it…$17.00! It’s the Faded Glory Maternity Hooded Puffer Coat and it’s shockingly warm and soft. I can’t believe the quality of this jacket considering the price. I didn’t want to invest in an expensive maternity jacket that I would only wear for one winter and thankfully I didn’t have to!

What are some of your favourite items right now? They can be fashion & beauty related or it can just be something you are currently raving about. Let me know in the comments!

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  • Fashion will be one of my most favorite parts of this blog, excited to hear more about how I can change my wardrobe. Good luck with the pregnancy and welcome to PTPA – my sister is due in March too!

  • Can’t wait to read all the fun stuff you will be posting for fashion & beauty lovers!

  • Excited to have you as part of the team of PTPA Blogaholics! Welcome Megan!

  • Thanks so much Kelsi! I’m looking forward to sharing more posts and ideas 🙂

  • Thank you Sharon! It’s great to be part of the PTPA Blogaholics team!

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