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Being a Dad is Challenging, But It Doesn’t Have To Be!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be a part of the Blogaholics panel. My name is Chris Lewis and I write over at, as well as run a podcast for dads over at I have been blogging now for over 8 years and in all of my experiences, I have worked to help dads be the best dads that they can be and in my posts here I hope to be able to do the same over the next year.


I will be writing in the Everyday Parenting – Dads section of the PTPA community. If you are a dad, I am so interested to hear from you. What do you struggle with as a dad? What do you want to hear more about?

As a father of two girls myself, I struggle daily in trying to find the balance in my own life to be able to be the engaged dad that I want to be and in talking to many dads I know that this is a struggle for many of you too.

Being engaged is not just about being engaged with the kids, but being an engaged partner with your significant other, too.

If you are looking for a few ideas, here are a couple that might get your creative juices started:

1. Grocery Shop: FOOD, what’s better right… not only does this take some stress off your partner, but if you bring the kids you can give them jobs and have them be your assistants!

2. Become the in-home Chef: I am not saying you have to be the only cook in the home, but anything you can do to be able to learn to take the reigns in the kitchen helps and it shows your kids that everyone has a role in the home.

3. Clean Up: Not only does doing the dishes help, but making sure that things are put away and in their place will de-stress everyone. Whether you are a neat-freak or not – keep this in mind.

4. Be Active During Bath-time: Get in on the bath-time fun. Bring in bath crayons. Use shaving cream for some harmless fun, get silly – your kids will remember!

5. Find Ways to Have 1 on 1 Time: Find times to go and do things with your kids – just you and them. It does not have to be an expensive trip, a walk,hike, scavenger hunt or other adventure can be just as much fun!

I am looking forward to sharing more great tips and hints as we move forward throughout the year. Look forward to getting to know you more too!


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  • Love these tips! Looking forward to reading more opinions on parenting and life from the Dad side of things!! 🙂

  • Thanks Rachel, I appreciate the comment and look forward to you reading more. What do you struggle with most as a parent?

  • Love to hear the ‘dad’s side of the story’- glad you are part of the PTPA Blogaholics! Welcome!

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