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Introductions Are Awkward

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Why is writing about yourself so tricky?  I could write or talk about pretty much anything else with no effort whatsoever but when it comes to introducing myself I clam up. AH!

Well, the basics are simple.  My family includes my husband and 4 wild and very loud boys aging from 6 years to 6 months.  I love seeing my boys do new and exciting things, but in order to get anything done for myself I have to include or distract them.  It has become quite the challenge.  I also live close to my mom and I often recruit her to help with second opinions, entertaining the kids, and basically getting stuff done. She is my life saver and best friend.

I have a bachelor’s degree in interior design, which not only gave me a great field to work in, it taught me all sorts of skills like using a tile saw, a chop saw, sketching, and creating.  Learning to use a chop saw taught me that I don’t need to wait for my husband to come home to help me with my projects.  I can accomplish them on my own.  They are more likely to get done that way.  Thankfully my husband has more of an eye for detail so he will come home from work, roll his eyes at me, and then perfect my project.

I am going to be sharing some home and design tips and projects with you, and I am excited for what this new year brings. Feel free to comment with questions or ideas you have!

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  • We just moved into a new home and I am sure you will have many wonderful ways I can spruce it up with flare! Thanks for joining team PTPA – looking forward to your posts!

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