The 5 Biggest Product Recalls of 2015

Between work, the kids’ activities, running errands, and everything else parents have going on, it is easy to miss even the most important safety alert. Fortunately, KID has complied a list of some of the biggest children’s product recalls that you might have missed. Check out some of the biggest children’s product recalls from this past year:


  1. Rainbow Play Systems Plastic Trapeze Rings (Fall Hazard– 100 incidents, 15 injuries)

These rings can unexpectedly crack or break while children are playing and are responsible for 100 incidents in the United States already.

See here for full recall information.



  1. Burley Child Bicycle Trailers (Injury Hazard– 35 incidents, 2 injuries)

Over 34,000 of these trailers were recalled due to the fact that the black plastic tow bar receivers can separate from the tow bar when they appear to be connected, posing serious risks to the child in the trailer.

See here for full recall information.

  1. Target Cartoon Water Bottles by Zak Designs (Choking Hazard– 178,000 units recalled)

These colorful water bottles were sold at Target during a popular back-to-school promotion, but the inner plastic straw in the flip-top portion can break causing a choking hazard.

See here for full recall information.



  1. MZB Children’s Watches (Skin Irritation Risk– 1.9 million units recalled)

This recall flew under the radar because it may seem minor, but beware when the case back of the watch detaches, as it can lead to chemical burns.

See here for full recall information.


  1. Britax Clicktight Car Seat (Accident Safety Hazard– 200,000 units recalled)

The harness adjuster button may remain down even when the harness in tightened, allowing children to loosen the harness by moving around, and putting children at risk if there is an accident.

See here for full recall information.


In addition to products, a few different food items intended for children were recalled this year for various reasons including GoGo SqueeZ Apple Sauce (mold) and Spaghetti O’s (choking hazard).


Taking a moment out of your busy day to remove any of these items can help get your new year off to a safer start! And don’t forget that these are only a few of the recalled products from this past year, visit this page to view the full list.

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  • Yikes I drank the GoGoSqueeze with my kids and it was in the recall list.

  • Great post…Always good to know what not to buy. Thanks.

  • I was pretty amazed at the amount of car seat recalls in the past couple of years. The mold in the pouched products is NOT surprising and personally if parents have an issue with that then they should buy reusable pouches and fill them their selves. Just my 2 cents though.

  • Thanks for the post. We actually have both of the food items in our house. I would never have known about the recalls if it were not for this post. Thank you so much!

    Lori Humphrey
  • Wowzers – thanks for the headsup on these!

  • I always share recalls with family never know when a friend or family uses these products.

    sherry blamer
  • Thanks for the heads up. I have noticed the Target bottles that broke. A friend of mine had one, but luckily it broke and the child didn’t choke on it. I have heard of lots of recalls but it seems we don’t always get a lot of info about them. I think these need to be shared more often.

  • Wow, thanks for the information!
  • what a great post, its good for people to know about recalled products, you dont always see it on the news

    Margo b
  • Thanks for this post, so many products recalled that i did not know about

    ivy pluchinsky
  • I didn’t know about all these recalls. wow. it’s good to be kept up to date

    Melinda Jana
  • Wow so many recalls. Thanks for sharing article.

  • Thanks for the info!

  • Great post, I try to keep up on recalls and find facebook really helps with that.

    Debbie S.
  • Every year seems to have tons of recalls. Thank goodness I haven’t had to worry because of one. Not since my daughters crib got recalled 6 years ago.

    Kelley Murray
  • Thanks for the heads up

  • Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Wow thank u for sharing this important information

  • Definitely thank you for letting us know

  • Great post…Always good to know what not to buy. Thanks.

  • Wow. I didn’t have any of those! Whew. Didn’t have to cash in on my life insurance just yet.

  • I’m thankful people take the time to let us parents know about the recalls.

    Monica Nuss
  • Thanks for sharing this with us.Good to know.

    Nancy Burgess
  • nice info to know, I will pass it to people I know who have kids

    denyse Lee
  • I must admit when I buy for my family safety is usually a big concern and when you look at these recalls you really need to wonder if there is anyway to protect yourself.

    Lee-Ann Sleegers
  • Those squeeze apple sauce?!?! WTF! I give those to my kid….

    Jeff Toplak
  • Wow! Thanks!

    Amberly Gordon
  • That squeez recall really freaked me out at first. My kids loved those! Thankfully no one got sick.
  • Thanks!

  • Good to know.

    Ella Kunstman
  • It is scary the number of product recalls there are, and how you don’t even hear about them all – that’s even scarier.

    Monique L.S.
  • i knew about the juice baggies were recalled for having mold ,some carseats as well for parts and also huggies wipes supposely having glass on them and some formula toob ecause it had maggots so many damaged products be careful when baby shopping
  • very important to know – thanks for sharing this info

  • Wow I haven’t heard of this before thanks

  • Glad we didn’t have any of these

    Jennifer Lo
  • If it wasn’t for this site I wouldn’t of known. There should be recall up dates constantly on the news network to inform people.

  • Informative. Glad we don’t have any of these things.

  • They really need to make food pouches with a clear backing.
  • Wow I thought this post was very interesting and glad I had none of these products in my home! I am about to read the full list of recalled items to make sure I don’t own any of those items either! Wow very good stuff to know that’s for sure I shared this post to warn others as well!
  • Wow! I didn’t realize there had been so many recalls on children’s related products. It’s scary to see this list. I haven’t myself used any of these products, but I recognize every one of them!

    Rushell Tuggle
  • I’m glad I read this post. I like being aware of this recalls especially for baby/kid’s stuff which my no. 1 priority is their safety. Thank you so much for this very informative post. I’m doing my shopping for baby food and car seat right now and this is very helpful to know.

    Ana Aquino
  • Luckily none of the kid products we purchased were recalled last year.

    Nicole L

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