4 Must Have Winter Fashion Essentials


Winter. I am definitely not the biggest fan. I can’t help it, I just don’t like being cold! These four essentials are the only things that keep me going through winter without falling into a fashion rut. These things actually make winter not seem so bad. Plus, they’re necessary and helpful to get you through the cold winter months.

– A Great Coat – 

When it’s cold outside, there’s no need to hide your cute outfit under a winter coat. There are a plethora of adorable coats out there to keep you toasty and still looking fashionable.

– Chunky Sweaters – 

Chunky sweaters are another great way to stay warm, but also still looking cute. Paired with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings, they’re easy, comfortable, and you’ll definitely be getting compliments. I have a few chunky sweaters in my closet and I am constantly wearing them through winter dressed up and down.

– Scarves – 

Scarves are insanely practical when the winter wind is blowing, they also are a great accessory. I can’t even tell you how many times a scarf has completed an outfit for me in a perfect way by adding a little something extra.


– Sturdy Boots – 

Even though we don’t get much snow here in Memphis, having a good pair of boots is essential. The best part? They can still be fashionable! I practically live in my brown boots and beige booties in the winter. They keep me warm and I don’t have to worry about hobbling in heels over icy sidewalks.

What are your essential winter items?

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Comments (25)

  • Those grey heeled booties though — YES!

  • LOVE the maroon/merlot pants!!

  • Chunky sweaters and boots! My fave!!

  • I love the chunk sweaters look and the scarves, I feel like that is my winter go-to. Warm, cozy and layers = happiness!

  • Makes winter chic!

  • Love the boots!

  • Im a huge fan of scarves, I have a small collection, theyre the perfect way to dress up an outfit

  • I really need to get myself and my daughter some chunky sweaters! I’ve also borrowed her fashion scarves and they really do help keep your neck and upper body warm.

  • I love purses for every season and a scarf in cooler temperatures.

  • I love chunky sweaters, jeans, and boots in the winter. I really like the big cable knit sweater that I got from Ireland. It is my favorite winter clothing item.

    Lori Humphrey
  • my must winter item is my winter gloves.. I love my Hudson bay Canada mitts

    marie s
  • I love the brown boots in the last picture!! I have black boots but really need to stock up on stylish boots!

    Seyma Shabbir
  • My favourite winter essentials are slippers and boots!

  • check, check, check and check! actually I’m on hunt for another warm jacket since my favourite one has slowly fallen into pieces

    Melinda Jana
  • Chunky sweater for sure! Stylish boots! Love cozy/fuzzy slippers, and of course warm pj’s

    Anne Stevenson
  • I am all about the sweaters! Love the chunky sweaters in winter.

    Nicole B
  • Ooouuu LOVE LOVE LOVE all outfits <3

    Ashley Jenkins
  • My winter must haves are.. big chunky scarfs, long sweaters, and leggings

    Ashley Jenkins
  • Love the boots and sweater.

    Sarah C
  • awesome

    margo b
  • Black Dress
    Pencil Skirt
    Patterned Scarf

    Yolanda Perez
  • I love sweaters and scarves, especially cotton blends for my sensitive skin! Great post!

    Alayne Langford
  • I’ve got all of the above! Definitely must haves!

  • Leggings, boots, chunky sweaters and scarves!

    Stephanie M
  • Scarves are definitely on of my go to winter must haves.


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