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Parenting is a funny thing. Of the 99.9% of you reading this right now, you are either currently parents or soon to be. The other 0.01% of you have already made up your minds that you’re not about ‘that life’ but check in and read blogs like this to make yourself feel better about your decision, or prove to the other 99.9% that you have the better deal.

Ah yes, life without kids. I remember it like it was yesterday. Umm…actually no, no I don’t. I don’t remember those days at all. Okay that may be a stretch. I do remember how I felt, but not too sure what I did with all my free time. Because frankly since becoming a dad I have very little to none. I’m actually writing this blog post under duress knowing that my 1.5 and 3.5 year olds can wake up any minute and disrupt my typing flow.

These are just some of the thoughts that spin in my head since becoming a father at the ripe age of 22. Being married at 21 and having plans to procreate after the first 5 years of marriage seemed like the perfect plan. That plan quickly changed to after the first 3 months. Hence my wife and I spent a large portion of our first year together expecting our first.

I can hear what some of you might be saying right now (especially the 0.01%’ers). That it seems very young, and it must have been disastrous in many ways for us. Contrary to that belief, we could not be more excited to be parents. And I think most dads would agree, creating a miniature version of oneself is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Fatherhood is an undertaking that I would dare not take lightly. More so because I’m out numbered.

To raise up and train a human life, that could potentially be a difference maker in the world today or just help with chores around the house is what we were looking most forward to (I trust you know sarcasm when you see it).

fatherhoodWhen my son was born in 2003, it was the beginning of an adventure I couldn’t possibly have planned for. Becoming a dad was the easy part. It was actually walking out the title of ‘dad’ and experiencing the painful joys of fatherhood.

12 years and 3 more kids later, this sentiment hasn’t changed for me. Being a father is a privilege and an honour. An undertaking that I would dare not take lightly. More so because I’m out numbered. But all joking aside, this life is for real. It’s important to me to help raise individuals that society will thank us for.

Having all these thoughts about fatherhood run around in my head lead me to launching my dad blog called “The Amateur Dad” a few years ago. And now I can continue ‘spit’ my knowledge, or just down right ramble on about the daily ongoings of being a dad here on PTPA’s blog page.

Life is short. Fatherhood isn’t. Stay informed by reading my Everyday Parenting for Dads blog post each month. Tell all your friends and family that are fathers and let them know there’s another guy they can cry with when the freaked out toddler just isn’t going to bed. Or a guy they can celebrate with when potty training has ended. But cry together again when you realize the job isn’t finished yet (think toilet paper).

By the way my name is Sheldon. You’ll get to know me a whole lot more here on PTPA’s Blogaholics page.

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  • There were points during this article that I laughed out loud.
    Looking forward to your future posts!

  • I for one definitely do not remember life without kids! Actually, I guess I get a brief spurt of memories when my husband and I go out on our own but life before kids…seems like someone else’s life so I completely relate. Thanks for making me smile Sheldon and thrilled to have you on board!

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