Winter Decorating After Christmas

Christmas is over and the tree and decorations are down.  All of a sudden it feels like there is so much space!  Then after a few days have passed it starts to feel stark and empty. What do you do? Do you decorate for winter? Valentine’s Day is so far away and spring is even further!  Here are my tips for how to add some personality back into your home after Christmas.

Rework Your Holiday Décor

When taking down your holiday decorations remove ornaments, anything that screams Christmas, and anything both red and green together (unless it matches your typical home décor).  Leave out your cozy items – candles, pinecones, wreaths, greenery and faux fur anything. These winter décor items will help you home to not feel naked.

winter decorating 1

This table setting was setup using items I had out for Christmas, but still loved.  I was excited to be able to decorate with these items just a little bit longer.

Add Plants and Greenery

Plants are timeless and are a great way to transition your home into spring without breaking out the pastels.  Wreaths and garlands add some outdoor touches, but you could also add in some succulents or terrariums.


This Succulent monogram from Mommyzoid is a great piece to add to a mantle or bookcase and could stay up during any season.

Add a Pop Of Color

In addition to plants, add some color by bringing out colorful accent pillows, throws, etc. Now is the time to add some pattern or color.  It doesn’t need to be neon bright, just some new fresh colors to make the space feel happy and homey.


When it comes to winter decor, the items I think are always safe to use are anything wood, mercury glass, glitter, plants, fur, and candles.  I hope there are some ideas here that you like.  What changes do you make in your home after the holidays?

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Comments (3)

  • That monogram is amazing! Even better for those of us who lack a green thumb when attempting to take care of house plants…. (:

  • So beautiful! I feel like I’m not great at transitioning between seasons, or holidays. One day my space is decorated, then next its… well, not. Would love to incorporate some of these ideas into our condo!

  • All great tips for beautiful decorating after the themed holiday decorating. I can appreciate this as I feel my home becomes boring and dull after the decor from the holidays has been taken down.

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