The Power of Kindness Through Compliments

“Wow! You look fabulous today!”
“You inspire me every day!”
“Your smile brightens up my day!”
“I loved your article on the PTPA blog!”

I am pretty sure you’ve received at least one, if not all of these compliments.

“A compliment is verbal sunshine” – Robert Orben

A compliment is an expression of praise or admiration for someone – anyone!

Every human has a basic need for recognition and being appreciated. It encourages them, motivates them to be better. Compliments can be powerful because the emotional gain is tremendous.

Even in the business context, compliments are proven to increase productivity and commitment, energizing the recipient and helping build a happy workforce.

I learned the impact of complimenting from my Mom, who had a warm heart and always had an encouraging word for everyone she met.

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread. ~ Mother Teresa

Compliments are more important than ever today, what with the rising tendency to be negative or over-critical. As positive reinforcement, they can be a turning point in someone’s life. I remember a conversation with one of my teachers in college, when she said, “You have the ability to succeed in everything you attempt” and that stayed with me in my heart.

What is it about compliments that fills us with that warm glow inside?


  • Are feel-good
  • Lift our spirits
  • Help connect with others positively
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Make you feel less lonely
  • Take the focus away from you
  • Trigger creativity
  • Build trust
  • Are like positive boomerangs
  • Make people smile, and smiling burns calories. Really!

Besides these,

  • Compliments encourage those who are struggling. Positive feedback is a great motivator and propels people towards achieving their goals.
  • A compliment can make the difference between success and failure, bridging that gap between going on enthusiastically and giving up.
  • Compliments help children learn quicker.
  • Compliments convey respect.
  • Compliments can help break the ice.
  • Compliments win over people, increasing our circle of influence.
  • Compliments make you less cynical.

And the no.1 reason?

Compliments are free.

They cost nothing, while their impact is huge.

Sadly, even though compliments are known to have a positive impact for the giver and the receiver, most people tend to be stingy with them. No one can deny that compliments make our day, regardless of whether we know the giver or not. Why not make a difference and make the effort to lift each other up, encourage each other?

It is possible to build a wave of positivity simply by appreciating someone; all it takes is a few heartfelt words. Everyone has something praise-worthy – one just has to look.

Here are some tips to be a great compliment giver:

  • Pay attention and be fully present, as you look for opportunities to compliment.
  • Notice the small stuff and compliment, no matter how trivial the accomplishment is. Their smile? Their outfit? Their handwriting?
  • Be generous, be sincere.
  • Be specific.
  • Be straightforward.
  • Each time you get a compliment, give one in return whenever you can.
  • Be vocal. Don’t assume the other person knows.
  • Try and compliment someone in front of others. Adds to the joy.
  • If you hear praise for someone who is not around, let them know.
  • Avoid giving backhanded compliments. You know, the ones that go, “Considering your age, you look good” Ugh.
  • Avoid saying things you don’t mean.
  • Don’t fake a compliment.
  • Don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t delay, or you’ll forget.
  • Cultivate the habit of complimenting.

Of course, it goes without saying that receiving compliments graciously also matters a great deal!

Action points:

  • Resolve to compliment five people every day. These can be family or friend, co-worker, some place you go to regularly (supermarket, restaurant, laundry), someone younger than you, a stranger etc.
  • Each day, take five minutes to reflect on someone you know, who does things well and let her know you appreciate her. Do it with words.

Your compliments will make the world a happier place!

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible! – The Dalai Lama

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Comments (166)

  • It’s funny how even people who “snuff” compliments or appear awkward when they receive them…will enjoy and reflect on them later! Even if you don’t get the most positive reaction, complimenting someone often makes their day. Great post Vidya, thanks for the reminder!!

  • I absolutely love this post Vidya! What a great way to inspire and remind people about the simplest way to make them feel good, through a simple compliment. I think sometimes we underestimate the value of the simplest “thank you” or “I love that on you” or “you look great today”! It’s enough to jump start anyones day!

  • Be kind and you’ll be treated kindly 😀

  • Yes, yes, YES! I completely agree with this post. I have personally enjoyed building others up with compliments and kind words. Even when it appears to be impossible, there is ALWAYS a positive that can be highlighted. Fantastic post!

  • Thank you Rachel! You are right, I have a living example of that in my aunt! She’s grouchy but we’ve all noticed how she softens when she’s praised. And she’s very praise-worthy – just not pleasant 🙂 Compliments are always welcome. ♥

  • Indeed, Sharon! ♥ Thank you. Best part is, it is easy to do!

  • That’s the sacred truth, Liam! Thank you !

  • Thank you Lyn! I love how my son has picked up the habit from my Mom – never fails to appreciate it each time someone does something for him. It is great when children learn the power of kindness.

  • What a positive read! Have a wonderful day everyone! 🙂

  • I’ve never been good at taking compliments, for me it’s unwanted attention if the compliment is about my outfit, hair, weight lose ect. I’m not really sure why. But thank you for the tips on giving better compliments, I can definitely work on that!

  • I always feel awkward when people give me compliments, but Im always the first one to compliment someone else. I believe in the power of positivity, and that positive vibes can be spread from one person to another, so Im always making sure to compliment or say nice things to people, to smile. Im glad to read this and agree wholeheartedly, if more people took the time to compliment eachother it could go a long way

  • Often a compliment can be the kindest thing you can give someone.
  • I love this post. I have never been good at receiving a compliment. I love to give them but I always feel shy when someone gives me one. I am getting better at receiving them the older I get.

    Lori Humphrey
  • Love and Kindness win every time!

  • Being kind is something more people should do on a daily basis. The world would be a better place with more people being kind to one another.

    sherry blamer
  • Love this post! Everyone, no matter whom you are/where you are in this world we live in, love to have something nice said about them! “Wow that sweater looks beautiful on you” “your smile lights up any room” “Love your hair” Everyone needs a pick-me-up every now and then! A little kindness goes a long way! Make someone’s day, today… 🙂
    Great post Vidya,

    Anne Stevenson
  • I love this post! Its amazing how a few words can change someones day.

    Sarah C
  • thank you for sharing your very inspirational story

    margo b
  • Thanks for your post. Very inspiring. It’s always nice to receive or give a compliment. My daughter gave me one the other day saying mom you look like you lost weight. Makes you want to keep going. thanks for reminding us kind words have an impact.

    Leeanne c
  • Compliments can be confidence boosters! If you are having a “blah” kind of day, a simple “That color looks great on you!” can really turn around your whole day/attitude!

    Yolanda Perez
  • I have no problem giving compliments, I just get all sappy when or if I get a compliment!

    Alayne Langford
  • Often times when compliments are unexpected and genuine, it really warms the other person’s heart and brightens their day.

    Melinda Jana
  • I’ve always believed in the power of compliments. Though I don’t always feel like I deserve them when I get them, or I don’t always know how to respond, I am always giving compliments to others. Especially people who I don’t have the greatest relationship with. Kill them with kindness. That’s what I always say. But even with my family, friends and acquaintances, I am always super friendly and compliment them often. Or praise them for good doings, or whatever.

  • This is a great article! Would should all remember that compliments don’t cost a thing so feel free to give them away all the time!

    Stephanie M
  • Thank you for this post, very inspiring!
  • It is the easiest, cheapest way to show kindness to people you know and to strangers. I also think it’s important to teach our children to compliment others, the world is too much me me me nowadays. Great post!

    Amanda m
  • Thank you, Tracy!

  • Sarh, I used to be exactly like that and my Mom would urge me to be more gracious. I am still learning! I understand how you feel 🙂 But it is totally worth it to shift our perception, because it feels good to experience kindness! Hugs! Thank you so much for reading!

  • It is true, Jaimee! Kindness rules. Even if it is sometimes difficult to show, it is worth the effort. Being positive and saying nice things makes a huge difference in lives. I believe in the power of positivity implicitly, and that’s the entire goal of my blog. 🙂 Thank you so much for commenting!

  • Indeed! Thank you for coming by!

  • I am absolutely with you on that, Lori. I am in the same situation 🙂 But yes, the change feels good! Hugs!

  • Yes! I totally endorse that! Thank you!

  • You’re right, Sherry. My Mom was a teacher and on Saturdays she’d have this little activity where she’d engage kids in naming three people who did something nice for them. Almost always “Mom” was on the list. Then she’d encourage them to go thank them. This simple thing created such a sense of positivity and more bonding with family. It is so easy to be nice. Thanks for commenting!

  • Thank you, Anne! Perfectly said! When my son started school, one of the things we taught him was to always appreciate anything/anyone that made him feel good. And always thank people for every little thing. I know some people found that weird, beats me why, but this habit has stuck with him and it is one of the things people always remember about him. Kindness definitely goes a long way, sometimes, all the way across a lifetime. Loved your comment, Anne!

  • That’s the truth, Sarah! Thank you!

  • Grateful for your comment, Margo! Thank you for reading!

  • Wow, what a lovely source of motivation, Leeanne! Children are the best! Please give her a hug from me! Thank you!

  • I’ve noticed that being nice to people always pays off, Yolanda. I have the habit of smiling at everyone and am almost always rewarded with one. I love how, when I do this regularly, people remember me as that cheerful person. On days when I am a little worried, I can always count on these people to say something nice and lift me up. Some people are just naturals at saying exactly what we want to hear! Thanks so much for your comment!

  • You and me, both, Alayne! Hugs!

  • Yes, that’s true, Melinda! It is great for the giver as well as the one who receives them! Thank you!

  • I can fully identify with you, Ashley. I am trying to be more receptive and gracious when someone appreciates something about me. Thing is, sometimes we don’t acknowledge our own strengths and talents and it takes someone else to notice. “Kill them with kindness” is one of my favorite phrases! Your family and friends must obviously adore having you around!

  • Yes, Stephanie! That’s the best part. Also, it only takes a moment, but the effect is long lasting. Thank you so much for commenting!

  • Thank you, Jennifer! So kind of you to say so!

  • Yes, it is very important to teach children the power of kindness, Amanda. Turns them into wonderfully compassionate human beings. Thank you for your comment. I especially love how, when complimenting a stranger, their face literally lights up!

  • It is so important to be kind, always!

    ivy pluchinsky
  • I just loved this post. It is what everyone needs in this world is to have a smile and kind words to make them feel just a little better. I love handing out compliments and seeing some people not honestly know what to say as they just really don’t hear it enough. We should all try to be kinder and it would really make the world a better place for all.

    Debbie S.
  • love this was a beautiful read

    Regina Carter
  • The world would be a better place if we all empowered eachother. Learning to give a compliment as well as receiving one should be a must
  • A compliment can truly brighten someones whole attitude. When one compliments a child their own face lights up and for an adult it could be life changing.
  • I never used to compliment anyone til I realized how good it makes you feel when someone compliments you.

  • You never know what battles a person is fighting. Be kind. Always. A simple smile goes a long way!

    Candy Robertson
  • I agree with the article. We should all be giving each other more compliments and learn to accept them without judgement.

    Ashley Johnson
  • Compliments go a long way. One compliment can make a persons day more than you think.

  • It can sometimes be very difficult to compliment some people. Not because there is nothing worth complimenting, but because they are just such disagreeable people. It really shows the measure of a person to go beyond themselves and offer that word to that person that could make all the difference. It may sometimes be difficult, but NEVER impossible. Be bigger, be stronger, be more than the difficulty.

  • Well, it’s true. The best things in life are free. I love getting compliments. I like giving them more though.

  • I need to remember this especially with my three kids. It is so easy to get stuck on just scolding, redirecting, disciplining etc when it comes to kids but just as I need to do with my employees, it means so much to “catch them doing good!” Making a point of looking out for the positives and recognizing them, no matter how simple, makes such an impact. My kids are just so crazy I feel like I’m often just putting out fires. Have to make a concerted effort to do this for them!
  • Love this its awesome to give complements it makes people feel good kids love getting complements it helps there self esteem

    Crystal Michael
  • I love this. Giving someone a compliment may just make their day. You never know what battle a person is fighting and a compliment can mean the world to someone.

    April Bray
  • I have to admit.. I have a hard time giving and receiving compliments.

    Ashley S.
  • No matter how small the compliment it will make someone’s day

    Kristen mathieu
  • Great post! Very inspiring and good to think about!

    Kelley Murray
  • Agreed! 100%

  • You never know how much just a simple complement or act of kindness will affect someone’s day. You never know what someone has going on in their life.

    krista bridgmon
  • Sometimes just one little compliment is all a person needs to feel validated and change their whole outlook on life…just a little more kindness from each of us could truly change the world.

  • Yes! Thank you Ivy!

  • I know, Debbie! I practice the same! It is really hard to be negative when someone is kind to you – I am happy to say i receive as much as I give! Particularly, these days, I find that with people too busy to pause to take a breath, a kind word is always welcome! Thank you so much for commenting!

  • Thank you Regina! Such a feel-good topic, right?

  • Empowering one another! I love that idea, K! Life is so much better when people are nice to each other! Thank you!

  • Oh yes, Michie! I remember, when I had a corporate career, in my first job, we had a fabulous boss who would make it a point to gather us at the end of the day and tell us what a great job we’d done and we’d go, home walking on air, believing we could change the world! He appreciated every little thing we accomplished. Yes, it was certainly life-changing! Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  • Beautiful post a compliment can go a long way.
  • I know that feeling, Cheryl. I used to hesitate, nervous that it might be construed as flattery. Got over that quickly thanks to some very positive influencers! Thank you!

  • I love that Dalai Lama quote, Candy! “be kind whenever possible. It is always possible” It is true that even those who look cheerful all the time may not always feel that way inside – and if a kind word can change that, so worth it! Thank you!

  • Indeed, Ashley! Thank you! Some things in life are just non-negotiable, eh? ♥

  • I agree, Frankie! A couple of decades ago, a former boss gave me a reference that continues to motivate me to this day! Thank you ♥

  • never miss a chance to be kind. I t could mean the world to someone. we miss many chances in life to just say good morning or smile at someone. Dont let this pass you by you may not have a tomorrow

    debra barden
  • That’s right, Sarah. In fact, just the other day my son was asking me this: how do you compliment someone who is in a bad mood all the time? What if there’s nothing to compliment them about? I came across a cartoon where this lady says to her boss “As my boss, would it kill you to compliment me once in a while?” and her boss responds with “wow, you whine really well!” Sigh! Thanks for your wonderful comment. “Be more than the difficulty” – tough to practice, but so worth it!

  • Most of us are like that, Andy – easier to give compliments than take them. I used to secretly believe that people don’t always mean what they say, simply because I’d feel they were saying it just to be nice. Truth is, people see us differently than we see ourselves. 🙂 When we understand that, it gets easier! Thank you for your comment!

  • Truly a great concept. Everyone loves a great compliment

    Jennifer Graham
  • My husband gives is constantly giving me compliments all day to make me feel so much better! Even after 9 years!

  • Awww, being Momma to 3 kids is stressful! Hugs to you! When my son was a toddler, I used to go crazy and my Mom would just say, breathe and that would make me madder. 🙂 All it took me to calm down was that innocent sleeping face when he finally nodded off! It does take a conscious effort to remember the good things when the day is like a whirlwind though. Which is why I wrote a list and kept it in a jar on my kitchen shelf 🙂 Plus a collage of happy moments? Winner!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment!

  • Absolutely, Crystal! And when they feel good about themselves, they make the world a better place! ♥ Thank you!

  • Indeed, April. 🙂 Thank you!

  • ♥ Ashley, start small. Perhaps writing a couple of thank you notes appreciating someone? Wonderful how it becomes a habit when they respond! Thank you!

  • Yes, Kristen! I think it is because it makes them smile right away, and that instantly creates a feel-good wave in the brain! ♥ Thank you!

  • Thank you Kelley! ♥

  • Thank you Kelsey! ♥

  • True, Krista! Kindness is something everyone enjoys even if they may not show it! 🙂 ♥ Thank you!

  • I absolutely love this post! What a great way to inspire and remind people about the simplest way to make them feel good, through a simple compliment. I think sometimes we forget how a simple a “thank you” or “you look nice today” can make a persons day go a lot better.

  • I know, Maggie! ♥ When we say something nice to someone it makes us feel good to see their positive reaction too! And who knows what a big difference we might have made! Works especially with children! Thank you!

  • I adore this. Thank you for writing this uplifting article! I’m a stay-at-home mom, so often my interaction with adults is far and few between. So, most of the people I interact with are check-out clerks at the grocery store. When one of these hard-working people is looking tired or unhappy, I’ll find something genuine to say to them. Like, there is one African-American young lady who has absolutely gorgeous hair. I find the courage to tell her how lovely it is. She immediately smiles and perks up. I think it is good for our souls to do this every day.

    Laura Upton
  • True, Dulce! Thank you! ♥

  • One small compliment can completely change one day for someone or an entire life.

  • I believe that too, Debra! Last year, I kept meaning to call my aunt but didn’t get around to it. I procrastinated, and two days later, we got the news that she had passed away. It made me feel terrible. I immediately pledged never to postpone saying something, because who knows if we’ll ever be able to! Hard lesson!

    Thank you ♥

  • Yes, Jennifer! 🙂 ♥ Thank you!

  • Stay blessed, Meg! You deserve it! ♥

  • In fact, Beverly, we tend to miss doing it most with our family and go out of our way to be polite to strangers! I firmly believe complimenting begins at home! After all, they’re the folks that care most! Thank you for your lovely comment! ♥

  • It is, Laura! How kind of you to make that lady smile! I am sure she looks forward to seeing you again! The bulk of my social interaction, face to face, is with my local supermarket too. I usually visit in the morning when the fresh produce is expected. All it takes is asking the employees busy arranging stock on the shelves is “did you have your breakfast?” or “did you have coffee?” and they literally light up! Whenever i visit, I am greeted with smiles and of course, that encourages me to say nice things – everyone’s happy! ♥ Thank you for your comment!

  • That’s true, Laurieann! We had a neighbor who constantly scolded their teenage son, always finding fault with everything he did. The poor chap would be so upset. He used to come home and hang out and my grandma would gently get him to talk about his day and make him feel good about himself and he’d go back home happy. My granma went a step further and advised him not to complain about his parents, rather, try and be nice to them, appreciate what his mom did, etc. Made a huge difference – he listened, his parents toned down their negative talk. Today, he’s a happy guy!

    Thanks so much for your comment! ♥

  • This is a great way to share God’s Love with all.

  • The power of a compliment can have a strong affect on someone. It is a confidence booster and may help someones day around for the better.

    Clarissa Hiciano
  • I am a 4th grade teacher and we practice being nice to each other. With the electronic age, kids have no idea how to positively interact with each other. If the schools do not teach it, I fear our society will get meaner and meaner because they aren’t doing |neighborhood” play anymore.


    Sharon Martin24
  • The power of compliments helps a child believe in themselves.

    Monica Nuss
  • kindness gos along way

    Tina M
  • I honestly have never been good at with handling compliments myself when others tell me something nice. I feel like Im on the spot and in the spotlight. It makes me feel really out there and nervous. I have learned to be more of a people person and take it as a nice gesture and let my kids know it’s okay to accept compliments and be more social. Something I am still working on myself!!!
  • This is absolutely beautifully written, I love this!

  • Yes kindness is powerful we all need to practice it!

    Nancy Burgess
  • Wonderful advice.

    Amanda McCullough
  • Awesome post!

  • Such an easy way to spread kindness and the joy on people’s faces when you do compliment is a reward in itself.

    Lee-Ann Sleegers
  • Compliment my fiancee everyday at least one time if not multiple times.

    Jeff Toplak
  • i believe in complimenting sharing smiles many times you can change the attitude of someone in a bad mood i enjoy that i suffer from depression and seeing smiles helps so if i make that smile its all the better

  • Thanks for the good advice!

    Amberly Gordon
  • So true!! Just a few kind words can change a person’s entire day, or more 🙂
  • Ots always a chance your one compliment can turn someones bad day good
  • This is a great read! It’s great to be reminded and inspired to show kindness and love.

    Caron Kirk
  • You can really make someone’s day by being kind and giving compliments.

  • I believe in the saying you get more with honey than you do with vinegar. I manage a large team of ambitious individuals who all need different types of motivation. I make sure to provide positive feedback at every opportunity. It keeps the team motivated and productive.

  • It only takes a moment to be nice to someone. If your passing a stranger tell them you like their purse, hair, shirt. It will make their day!

    Diane Kasperski
  • Compliments are a wonderful tool — make the receiver feel good and the giver too.

    Monique L.S.
  • Compliments are always appreciated

    Ryan R
  • This is a nice reminder that compliments are a powerful way to change the course of someone’s day! It’s so simple, but can really shift someone’s mood when an authentic compliment is received.

  • complimenting someone can change their whole day you never know if you dont try
  • Beautifully said, Nancy! Thank you!

  • I think compliments in some cases brings people’s spirits up,I always give people compliments to lift their spirits because everyone needs compliments to keep the goodness between us

  • I love compliments and understand the impact even a small one can make. I love to compliments others because there is always something positive in another person.

    Seyma Shabbir
  • I think compliments are especially good because we’re thinking about someone else, not ourselves.

    nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham)
  • Compliments are a perfect way to turn someone’s day from awful to awesome. You never know what’s going on in their life and that might help them out of a low point.

    Jessica C
  • Very nice, thank you!

    Brett M
  • This is inspiring

    Jennifer Lo
  • seems so logical

    Sheryl B.
  • I love this post! I am constantly teaching my three little girls that every one is beautiful in their own way, leading them to randomly tell people they meet that they are beautiful. It happens every time I take them out, and the way these people react is with shock at first, then they soften right up and smile. A compliment can go a long way!

    Erinn Lishman
  • I really like your post! I love to receive compliments, to be praise, to be appreciate! Even just a smile makes my day. I also love to give complement, to show the person that I really appreciate them. A small gesture goes a long way!

    Carole Dube
  • True, Clarissa! I have experienced it! Thank you!

  • I admire you for facilitating kindness, Jenny! Especially now, children have to be taught more than ever! Thank you!

  • Fantastic practice, Sharon, we did the same. I had a long stint in training and marketing and my boss showed by example, the benefits of being positive. Thank you!

  • Thank you Monica! Makes a huge difference!

  • Has a lifetime impact! Thank you Tina!

  • I understand, Jennifer! I used to be that way! Glad you’re working on it, as am I! Children have a way of putting things in perspective! Thank you!

  • Thank you Rachael!

  • Makes the world a better place! Thank you Nancy!

  • Thank you Amanda!

  • Thank you Debra

  • Indeed, Lee-Ann! I love the reaction! Thank you!

  • You’re wonderful, Jeff! And am sure your Fiancee is, too! Stay blessed!

  • Very true, Christina! Nothing is more rewarding than cheering someone up! Same when we’re at the receiving end, too! Thank you!

  • 🙂 Thanks for reading, Amberly!

  • I completely agree, Tiffany! I try and practice that all the time!

  • True! Thank you!

  • Thank you Caron! Kindness and love rule!

  • 🙂 Yes! B! Thank you!

  • When I’m walking around I smile at total strangers and say Hello it’s amazing how many people smile back! Remember to say Please and Thank You to anyone who serves you!

  • I do believe in the power of compliments. What you say may seem to meaning nothing to you but could really change the mood of the recipient. I have had 2 very important female family members commit suicide (and I don’t care what anyone says I will not use the word “complete” because to me that sounds like an accomplishment) and since then I do all I can to make sure I compliment everyone. Maybe the few words I say to them could make all the difference.
  • My mother always told me to be nice to everyone I meet because I don’t know what struggles they maybe going through. I realized quickly people enjoyed being around someone with a positive attitude and always complimenting others. Lifting there spirits. ♡

  • Good morning thanks so much for this awesome contest.

  • Yes, Diane! I’ve noticed that, especially with strangers, compliments are usually well received! Thank you!

  • Compliments make me feel uncomfortable sometimes but I’m getting better at accepting them. I love giving them if they’re deserved. 🙂

  • Very true! On every compliment you gave, you can make someone smile! 🙂

    Ana Aquino
  • I rarely receive complememts but when I do it seems to always be on looks not merit. I would really like a good old “hey, you are the fastest laundy sorter in the south” ya know.

    Kendal zeisloft
  • This is such a great article! Nothing makes me feel better than when I receive a compliment and I feel appreciated. It makes a difference in my outlook on the day, my accomplishments and respect I receive from my husband or co-workers. Hurray for a positive article! A must read :).

    Jamie Klazmer
  • Thank you for this article! I was just thinking how giving AND receiving compliments can feel so good to both people involved.
  • Showing kindess through simple acts or small gestures has the ability to chang a person’s heart. It is incredibily strong and has a great impact to those in need of a kind hand. Its important to be kind at least once a day. You would be surprised of how much love can come from that simple act.

  • I try to show kindness everyday. I just go along complimenting people, I’ve done this the past two days. I feel happier as a person and I enjoy making people happy. I don’t mind to compliment them even when it’s something I think isn’t cute or attractive, I think what can it hurt? They always have a smile and that’s what makes the world a little better! If only we all did this.

  • I think it shows a lot in a person when they show kindness through compliments. I try and show / teach my son through example and explanation on using your words as a way to be kind through compliments and manners. I think kindness is a very big deal and when you are kind and show kindness a little goes a long way. And it’s a positive behavior that can never go wrong
  • I love this. A compliment really can brighten someone’s day and turn your mood around in a heartbeat!

    Rushell Tuggle
  • My boyfriend compliments me on regular basis and it never gets old 🙂

    Nicole L

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