Going Green With Simple Changes

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When you hear the term “natural living” or “going green” what do you think of?  For myself,  I think of pure, straight of nature, unharmed, unchanged, organic.  The problem is, when most of us think of natural or organic products, we often equate that to a higher price tag.

If we had the option, no doubt all of us want to give our families the best possible.  Sometimes the reality is, we just may not financially be able to do all we want too.  We may think it has to be all or nothing.  The reality is though, with each step we take towards living a more natural life we make a positive impact, not just for the planet but also for our families.

So you can’t do it all, that is okay!  Focus on what you can do.

There are so many simple things we can do to live a more natural life.  It can seem so overwhelming, where can I start?  My advice, start small.  Making small changes won’t seem entirely overwhelming or costly but they start you down the journey to more natural living.

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Simple Ways to Go Green

  • Begin recycling.  Recycling is really simple and so many communities make it easy.  Why add more garbage into a landfill where it will sit for years and years when it can be recycled into something useful?
  • Start composting.  It is really simple, just recycle your organic waste that will in turn give you such rich nutrients for your garden or plants.  If you don’t know where to start, check out my Composting 101 series.
  • Focus on purchasing the dirty dozen organically.  The dirty dozen are the top twelve produce items that have been rated with the highest concentrated amounts of pesticides and chemicals.  Not sure what they are?  You can find a list on the dirty dozen here.
  • Eliminate conventional cleaning products that are full of chemicals.  There are so many alternatives from making your own homemade cleaning products to more streamlined natural products, such as the line of natural cleaners from Seventh Generation, Method or Dr. Bronners castile soap.  Eliminating chemicals around our home was one of the first things we did in our home.

They may not seem like much, but each small change you are able to make, is one step towards reducing your impact on own home and providing your family a healthy living environment.

Which simple change would you start with?

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Comments (11)

  • The “dirty dozen” — interesting and also super useful. I always think i SHOULD be eating organically but with the prices at the grocery store it doesn’t make it easy. Narrowing it down to certain produce makes it a lot easier!

  • We always recycle, but I never thought of doing more. I know, I know, sad, but true. I love this post though. It really does put things into perspective. Thanks for sharing.

  • There are so many easy ways I keep learning to go greener without much fuss. Thanks for more ideas!

  • Where I live we have a great program in place for recycling and composting. It really cuts down on what ends up at the landfill. I also like to make my own cleaning products.

  • I recycle all the time. I hate to see people throw away recycling, it makes me upset. Any way I can be green I’ll always try.

  • We recycle a lot at our house. I have a recycling center in the garage so everything stays organized.

  • These are simple things we can do to recycle more. I have been trying to go green this year.

  • Who knew that such simple changes could help so much! Will definitely be doing these from now on !

  • These are such great ideas! We’ve always recycled, but I’m working on switching over all of our cleaning products, and we have a BIG composter now, so I am excited for that!!

  • We all have to do our parts to help the environment! Every little bit helps!

  • Our family is always as green as we can be. We started making small changes that are adding up BIG.

    Amy Desrosiers

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