Facts of Life or Morality Issue: Should This Year Book Photo Be Published?

When this photo of Hannah Talbert, 17, was posted on Instagram, she somehow became the focus of a debate over First Amendment rights. Why, you ask? Her selfies were chosen to be part of a spread in the Surveyor; Mount Vernon High School’s yearbook. This would not normally cause a stir, but these selfies were of her very pregnant belly. “We wanted to do more…

Simple Weaving for Kids

Weaving is one of my favourite activities. There’s something incredibly satisfying of weaving a few pieces of yarn, paper or whatever you’ve got together into a new creation. Paper weaving is one of those great art activities where you don’t need many supplies. When I was younger, I weaved several placemats together and then “laminated” with contact paper. Those placemats…

PTPA Blogaholics: Meet Sheldon

Parenting is a funny thing. Of the 99.9% of you reading this right now, you are either currently parents or soon to be. The other 0.01% of you have already made up your minds that you’re not about ‘that life’ but check in and read blogs like this to make yourself feel better about your decision, or prove to the…

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