Shrinky Dink Wrap Bracelet

Do you remember making Shrinky Dinks as a kid? Well you can make your own shrinky dink jewelry easily and kids love it! I made this heart wrap bracelet for valentines but you can make anything you want and the ideas are endless.

DIY Shrink Dink Wrap Bracelet for Valentines

A few weeks ago I made Star Wars Shrinky Dink Earrings using a #6 recycled plastic container but you can order printable plastic sheets from Amazon which is what I used to make this bracelet. The printable plastic comes in clear or white.DIY Shrink Dink Wrap Bracelet for Valentines

What you will need to make Shrink Dink Jewelry

  • Shrinky Dink Plastic Sheets or a #6 recycled plastic container
  • Hole Punch
  • Ink Jet Printer or permanent marker
  • 2 feet of 1/4″ ribbon

First you cut your plastic 3 times the size you want your shrunken design to be once it’s baked. I measured my wrist and made my heart 3 inches tall. I used my Cricut craft machine with the deep cut blade to cut mine but a pair of scissors works just as well.

Once you have your cut out punch holes with a regular paper hole punch on each end of the heart.DIY Shrink Dink Wrap Bracelet for Valentines

Then using a permanent marker color your design any way you want. When using a permanent marker on the amazon sheets you will see the lines from the marker but if you use #6 recycled plastic you will not. You can see in my final bracelet the variation but I liked that about it. If you use the printable film through any ink jet printer you will not have the variation so it’s really customizable to your taste.DIY Shrink Dink Wrap Bracelet for Valentines

Next you will want to put your shrinky dink jewelry in a 350-degree oven on some tinfoil or wax paper. Do not put the plastic straight on a cookie sheet or it will stick and ruin it.  It takes seconds to shrink. You will see it curl up and then it will flatten back out once it’s flattened it’s ready to remove from the oven.DIY Shrink Dink Wrap Bracelet for Valentines

I carefully pulled out the foil and laid it across a rolling pin and pressed on the ends to give it a slight curve. You have to do this immediately after you pull it out of the oven or it will harden quickly. Be careful it will be hot but to me personally it was not too hot to handle lightly.DIY Shrink Dink Wrap Bracelet for Valentines

Let it harden and cool for about 10 minutes then string your ribbon through it.DIY Shrink Dink Wrap Bracelet for Valentines

Now just wrap your ribbon around your wrist, tie, and tuck and you’ve got a stand out bracelet for Valentines!DIY Shrink Dink Wrap Bracelet for Valentines

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Comments (22)

  • OK – This is ADORABLE! I am totally going to try this for my kiddos. Thanks for the step-by-step!

  • How did I miss this in my childhood?

  • My daughter would love to make these

    Angie Ash
  • I have sadly never used the shrinky material before. This is so cute, I will have to go look for some.

    • Thanks Brooke! You can order the printable sheets on Amazon or use a #6 recycled plastic container if you click through this post to see the Star Wars earrings you will see what kind of container that is.

  • I have never used shrink film, pretty neat stuff. I have no girls in my house, 4 sons, but you never know.

    stacey grantham
  • I have only boys as well. You can use the clear shrink film and trace any character they like to make into a key chain bag tag for their backpack

  • This is so cute! I love to DIY with my daughter, thank you!
  • this is cute. I have friends who need this

    Kim O
  • This is a great craft project for young girls!

  • that turned out cute

    sarah hirsch
  • These are great!

    Jack Riddle
  • This looks like fun. My daughter is starting to get into jewelry, so fun to make your own.

    Jodi Armstrong
  • I’m already imagining shamrocks and Easter eggs. What a fun idea!

    Michelle Johnson
  • Cute! Must try!

    Kristin Henderson
  • I remember making these with the girls when they were small. Thanks for the reminder know time to pass it down to their daughters.

    Debbie Moon
  • good for the girls and not to expensive. artistic.

    jeannine glen
  • Girls would love this craft and it would be a fun craft activity for a small group as well like a sleepover.

    Laura P.
  • will have to buy for grandkids

    Diane A
  • Not sure I would do this at home but it’s really cute.

    Krystle Feathers

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