Stained Glass Hearts

Although I’m a big fan of making messy crafts, I realize that not every parents is. These Stained Glass Hearts are a perfect no-mess way to decorate your windows just in time for Valentine’s Day.

This craft is perfect for toddlers, and parents who think they are not crafty. With only 4 items needed – that you can get from a dollar store – you CAN do this, I promise.

Stained Glass Hearts


Items Needed:

-Contact Paper
-Tissue Paper
-Scotch Tape


  1. Cut out 2 pieces of contact paper (front & back) for the size of heart you want to make. Ours was 12×12″.
  2. Cut out a few strips or squares of tissue paper. 1″ makes a nice square, but you can make it any small sizes of pieces that works for you. They don’t have to be equal, or perfect.
  3. Take the protective covering off of one of the pieces of your contact paper. Lay it sticky side up on the table, and tape it to the table by the corners.


4. Let your child go to town putting pieces of multi-coloured tissue paper everywhere on the contact paper.

5. Place the other piece of contact paper on top and smooth out any air bubbles. (This layer you should have the still papered side facing up).


6. Fold lightly in half and cut out a heart shape. Remove the paper backing and tape it to your window for a truly one of a kind sun catcher!



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