Simple Valentine’s Day Mani

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As someone who has a deep love for romantic comedies and is generally known as a “softie”,  it may come as a surprise to some people that I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, as a kid I loved it and had so much fun writing out Valentine’s Day cards to all my friends and whoever my “crush” happened to be that year. And the candy! What’s not to love?

But as I got older and started dating (and eventually got married), the holiday started to lose a bit of its lustre. I began to realize it just wasn’t for me and thankfully married someone who agrees. If you love Valentine’s Day and go all out, I think that’s amazing! To each their own. The more love the better!

Occasionally my husband and I will try to do a little something special on February 14th, but it usually takes the form of take-out food and a cheesy movie. No gifts and no pressure. That’s just what works for us!

However, I’m still a hopeless romantic and will be showing my appreciation for Saint Valentine in the form of a little nail art!

What you need:

  • light pink polish (I used Essie Eternal Optimist)
  • dark pink polish (I used Essie Mod Square)
  • top coat (I used Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat)
  • dotting took or a toothpick to create the hearts
  • small piece of tin foil

nails 2

Start by applying two coats of the base colour and allowing it to try for 5 minutes. You can use any colour for the base as long as it’s several shades lighter than the colour you plan to use for the hearts.

nails 3

Dab a few drops of the darker pink nail polish onto a small piece of tin foil. Then dip your dotting tool or toothpick into the polish. Less is more, so wipe off excess if needed! Start by creating two dots side by side and then connecting them to make the heart shape. Try your best to use small dots rather than trying to drag the dotting tool along the nail (this will likely smudge the base coat).

Let the hearts dry for at least 10 minutes before applying top coat to avoid streaking. Don’t worry if your hearts aren’t perfect, mine certainly aren’t. They all look a little different and that’s ok!

nails 4

nails 5

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! How are you spending Valentine’s Day this year? Let me know in the comments!

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