A Priceless Random Act of Kindness


February 17th is random act of kindness day!

Has anyone ever said something to you that absolutely lit you up inside, reinforced your self-confidence or just gave you that boost that you needed to keep going strong?

Growing up, I remember my parents always telling me to “use my words!”  We are taught from a young age to use language to express ourselves, resolve conflict and equally as important, to express love, gratitude and praise towards others.  Words can be powerful, they can light up the heart and soul and can lift ones’ spirits sometimes when one needs it the most.

I remember walking through the grocery store with my 2 month old twin daughters.  I was a zombie; exhausted, hormonal and in complete “survival mode” taking on each day as it came.

While waiting in the checkout line and gazing and interacting with my little girls, a lady tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I have been watching you and I can just tell that you are an amazing Mother.  I can just tell by the way you are with your babies and how they look at you.  They are so lucky to have you as their Mom.”

Tears instantly filled my eyes and I couldn’t help but hug this woman who literally lifted my spirits and touched me to the core when I needed it the most.  A complete stranger who I am sure did not realize how much those three small sentences meant to me.  How they lit up my day, gave me hope and made me realize, “Wow, I am an amazing Mother and I can do this!”  I left with a permanent smile on my face.  I knew I needed to pass this on…

Parenthood, in my opinion, is one of the most important jobs in this world.  However, it is a job that can sometimes be emotionally draining, lonely, unpaid, and one of the hardest parts, there is no feedback.  No praise for doing it well.  No performance review to keep you feeling motivated.  You give and give and give some more all while trying to keep it all together.  A few positive words can be one of the greatest gifts that a new parent can receive.  A simple string of letters spoken in words and formed into sentences…there is nothing better than to hear that you are enough.  That you are doing something right!

Let’s make February the month of random acts of kindness!  This Momma is challenging you to “use your words”.  You never know what someone is going through and you never know the profound impact you can make by one simple compliment.  Use your words…change someone’s life.

Kelly, S & O xo


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