Before We Judge Tiger Moms, Read This!

It’s a philosophy that basically thrives on straight A’s, no friends outside of school and a lot of extra curriculars that are planned out and chosen for a child. That means, no life outside outside of the bubble that parents create to achieve a successful adult life later on. For most parents, the ‘Tiger Mom’ approach is tough to swallow because most of us are just trying to get by in our daily lives that we can’t think that far ahead nor do we want our children hating us for our decisions at a later point in their lives.

The Tiger Parent approach was ignited by Lulu Chua-Rubenfeld in 2011,  when Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother became a best seller almost over night. She became a household name, and her daughters suddenly became the center of attention as onlookers began to criticize and publicize their opinions – including some that were very harsh, like calling Lulu’s parenting style abusive.

Now, with adult daughters whom both attend Ivy-league schools and seem to be overall happy and healthy, people are starting to consider the fact that perhaps Lulu’s approach wasn’t so tough after all. Perhaps children need the discipline and motivation to get ahead and secure their part in society. This, is a vastly different look on parenting, especially when you consider the free spirits of the world.

“Everyone talks about my mother threatening to throw my toys on the fire, but the funny thing is that was not a major memory. I remember my childhood as happy,” Sophia told British newspaper. “I am not scared of my mom and never have been. It was my dad (law professor Jed Rubenfeld) who I was much more afraid of disappointing.”

How we categorize ourselves as parents, can sometimes work to benefit our children no matter what path we take while raising them. Sometimes evaluating what we are and who we want our children to become can in fact foresee their future accomplishments. In theory, Tiger Parenting has proven to work for this family and the formula for success seems to have taken shape nicely in this circumstance.

“But when it comes to smaller issues like, ‘You won’t get every toy you want until your grades improve,’ or, ‘You can’t quit the team because you lost two games in a row,’ then I believe tiger parenting does have its place.” Lulu Chua.

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