Seeing Red: My Top 3 Favourite Red Lipsticks

3 best red lipsticks

If you read my blog or follow me on Instagram it’s no surprise to you that I love a good pink lipstick. Corals are nice and peaches are fine but my favourite lip products are always pink. It’s what I always gravitate towards!

I thought it would be fun to push myself a little bit outside my comfort zone and wear a few shades I wouldn’t normally pick. Enter – the reds!

I have several red lipsticks in my makeup stash though I only seem to reach for them when I’m creating a makeup look for my blog and even then, it’s rare. After testing them out over the last week I’ve narrowed it down to my top 3 red lip products. Here they are!

ptpa loreal

L’oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in British Red

This is a lovely warm red with orange undertones. It has a glossy finish and it applies smoothly with minimal clinging to dry patches. It’s really moisturizing so if you have dry lips (like me) you’ll love this formula. It lasts a few hours and fades nicely without leaving the dreaded “ring” around the outside of your mouth. No one wants that. Not cute!

Because the formula is glossy beware of transfer onto your teeth. It also has a strong scent that can only be described as “old lady-ish” and while I don’t care for it, I also don’t find it off-putting. Overall I like this lipstick and pull it out a few times a year when I want to add some drama to my makeup look.

ptpa nudestix

Nudestix Lip & Cheek Pencil in Satan/Stiletto

Satan is a true red lip matte pencil with a silky and velvety texture. I don’t know how they did it, but Nudestix has created the first matte lip product I’ve ever tried that does not dry out your lips. At all. It feels super light and lasts for 4+ hours even when eating.

Originally Nudestix introduced this matte red as a limited edition holiday exclusive. But fear not! Just last week they launched a new line called Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencils and re-released this colour under the name Stiletto. So you can now get your hands on this gorgeous lippie all year round. This pencil is great for everyday wear or if you’re on the go!


theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick in Adoring

I had this sitting in my makeup bag for over 6 months. Wearing red lipstick is rare for me, but wearing a dark red lipstick is even more unusual. I don’t have particularly full lips and I’m starting to get wrinkles around my mouth that sometimes causes lipstick to bleed. My lips are also slightly uneven and drawing attention to them isn’t something I love to do.

So you can imagine how nervous I was about applying a liquid lipstick in such a bold colour. Let’s be real, matte liquid lipsticks take time and patience to apply. It goes on like a mousse and dries in seconds so you have to work fast and carefully. Keep in mind, if you do make a mistake you can just use a concealer brush and some concealer to fix it. I even tried to “overline” my lips a little to make them appear fuller. A risk, I admit. That being said, I think it turned out ok!

This liquid lipstick lasts for hours (and hours and hours) but it will dry out your lips, so you might want to use a lip scrub beforehand. It’s great for a night out if you want a lipstick that will stay put until last call!

Which of these 3 colours is your favourite? I’d love to hear what your favourite red lipstick is. Let me know in the comments!

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