Are You Planning To Get Fit in 2016?

It’s early in 2016 and so many of us pledge to ourselves that we will do something. We make resolutions to accomplish something great. For many of us, it may even have something to do with our health. Whether this means that you are pledging to get fit, eat healthier, or something else, we make the pledge and studies show that over 50% of us will not follow through with our own resolutions.

I know this may sound defeating, but I am here to say that it does not have to be. The same studies say that you can be successful at achieving your fitness goal if you have support. The support of someone around you, or even a coach that will help you to accomplish the goals that you are setting.

It's time to focus on your fitness in 2016

I know that I have gone back and forth with my own fitness. I get onto kicks where I will exercise and eat right for a while but then for some reason I fall off the wagon. Does this sound familiar to you? I usually try and do this on my own, but I currently have said heck with that and am working with another great dad to be supported in my fitness quest.

So today I am sending out a challenge to you. Find 30 minutes a day and join me in getting fit with Fitness Coach Dai Manuel. I have recently talked about fitness with Dai Manuel on the Dad Spotlight podcast and he has shared some amazing hints tips and more to help others to create a life and a lifestyle that you can only imagine.

It's time to focus on your fitness in 2016

If you are interested in learning more about this easy way to kickstart your own fitness take a look at these posts (you will not be disappointed).




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