Homemade Wrapping Paper

One way to spice up your next gift is to add homemade wrapping paper. There are so many ways to add simple pizazz to your gift by using upcycled items. You could use simple newspaper or the more colourful comic section, or sewing up a simple gift bag.

However, if you’ve got little people around – gift giving takes on a whole new craft dimension that is worth exploring. My kids are absolutely nutty about adding their own personal touch to gifts. They think it is great fun to make it all themselves – the gifts, the wrapping and the card.

Homemade Wrapping Paper, Made by Kids
Homemade Wrapping Paper

Items Needed:

-Roll of Brown Kraft Paper or Easel Paper
-Painters Tape
-Tempra (Washable) Paint: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
-Stamps, Brushes
-Large Plate for Artist’s Palette
-Drying Rack


1. Roll out a large piece of paper and secure it to your table with the painter’s tape. Be sure to cover up all areas – paint can be messy!

Homemade Wrapping Paper Paints

2. Set up a large plate for your artists with the 4 colours – red, blue, green, yellow. Or go monochromatic with just one colour to start.

3. Let the kids paint away with their brushes or stamps, covering all inches of the paper with colourful designs.

Homemade Wrapping Paper StampingHomemade Wrapping Paper Painting

4. Hang up your long pieces of wrapping paper to dry on the drying rack over night.

5. Wrap up your present & you’re ready to go!

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