Ditch That, Get This – Safety Spring Cleaning

Spring means warmer weather, flowers begin to bloom, and spring cleaning! The spring season is a great time to take a look at what you have and get rid of what you do not need. Many families donate or sell old household and children’s products during this time. However, KID wants you to be aware that you may have recalled products in your home that could be dangerous if other families brought them into their homes. You can check recalls at http://www.cpsc.gov/. You can also check recalls when you’re on the go at www.kidsindanger.org on your smartphone. Check out our “ditch this, get that” list below to keep your family and others safe this season.


Ditch this: Drop-side cribs

Get that: A crib that meets standards

In December, 2010 the CPSC approved new standards for cribs. These new standards included the banning of drop-side cribs citing 32 deaths in a ten-year span. If you own a drop-side crib, get rid of it and get a crib that meets the improved standards.


Ditch this: crib bumper pads

Get that: A firm crib mattress with tight-fitted sheet

Bumper pads continue to pose a threat to infants. Bumper pads have 3 main safety hazards: suffocation, strangulation and choking, and fall. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that soft objects and loose bedding (including bumper pads) be kept out of cribs. A firm crib mattress with tight-fitted sheet are the only things that should be in a crib with baby.


Ditch this: Walkers

Get that: Stationary activity center

Walkers account for over 2,900 hospital emergency room visits a year. Children can be injured in walkers by falling down stairs and reaching and grabbing things that were meant to be out of their reach. To avoid this risk, buy a stationary unit instead which has all the benefit of a walker, without the same amount of safety hazards.


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