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Happy National Children’s Craft Day!  Annually on March 14th,  celebrations are meant to open children’s eyes to the wide world of crafts and have them see what their imagination can do within that world and the endless possibilities that there are.

As a long-time recreation leader and mom, my addiction with crafts has always been a part of my life. It comes as naturally as breathing. But for some, it isn’t quite as easy as that. So here’s my top 5 tips on how to get crafting with your kids & a few easy craft ideas that anyone can do.

Homemade Wrapping Paper Stamping

How To Get Crafting With Kids

  1. Preparation. Make sure you’re prepared in advance. Think it through – what supplies do you need, how can you lessen clean up afterwards, what might go wrong & what will you do if it will, how will you introduce this concept to your kids and how can you participate.
  2. Supplies. Take a trip to your local dollar store or craft store in advance to pick up what you need. I frequently group things together in plastic shopping bags by what I plan to do with it so it doesn’t get lost or used in the meantime.
  3. What Might Go Wrong? Although Pinterest makes it look easy, sometimes crafts go wrong. If you have a kid who hates getting their hands dirty, finger painting might not be the best thing to start with. I had one sensory bin craft we made together that my kid freaked out at the shaving cream on his hands. Luckily, I had the paper towels nearby and had thought through what would happen (just in case!)
  4. Easiest Clean Up. After the fun has ended, here comes the clean up. I think this is a large reason why people don’t want to get into crafts. It doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re painting, think about plastic tablecloths from the dollar store you can roll up & throw out, or this simple pizza box painting frame to keep the paint off your table. If you’re using glitter, contain it on to a plate so it doesn’t get everywhere. Little people who tend to get everything all over them can use a smock that is wipeable. Throw some newspaper on the floor to catch things they drop.
  5. Get Into It! One of the best parts of crafting with kids is the time you spend with them doing it.

Overwhelmed on where to start?

Grab a craft kit from the craft store to try, or start simple with colouring. Here’s a couple of other ideas from The Inspired Home that are simple:




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