DIY Picture Frame Memo Board

I love to change out my kids pictures to remember when they were little or to add new ones. I recently had the discussion with a friend about how we don’t tend to print out our pictures anymore and decided to make this easy picture frame memo board. picture-frame-mamo-board-clips-9

This has to be one of the easiest crafts I’ve ever made. It literally took me less than 10 minutes once I had my supplies. To make this picture frame memo board you will need:

  • 1 empty picture frame 11 x 14 or larger
  • 1 roll of ribbon, twine or wire
  • 1 package small craft laundry clips
  • A staple gun


Turn your frame over so that the back is facing towards you. Using your staple gun, press down on one end of the twine and firmly adhere to the frame. picture-frame-mamo-board-clips-2

Pull on your string so that you know it is tightly held with the staple.


Continue stapling in a zig-zag pattern back and forth across the frame. You can see where my electric staple gun shot at lightning speed and put three staples in one place, but that’s ok. No one will ever see the backside.picture-frame-mamo-board-clips-4

Turn it over and you are finished. Now just find some of your favorite pictures and clip them with your small clips that look like mini laundry pins.


You can hang this anywhere in your home. I think I might take this one and put it in my office. It’s also great to use for hanging notes and reminders for your family by the door you enter and exit out of the most everyday. If you have and old frame you’d like to paint for your picture frame memo board you can see my tutorial for how to paint a picture frame to get the edges clean and smooth.

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