Renovating Questions – When To DIY


When it comes to renovating a home, or even one room in your home, the question to ask is when should you hire a contractor and when to DIY.  The answer to this depends on quite a few things, so here are the questions to ask yourself and what the answers will tell you.

Do you want to save yourself time or money?  

Going the DIY route will save you money.  A lot of tasks do not require a ton of skill but are time or labor intensive.  Demolition and garbage removal are great tasks to DIY because they can be done by anyone and save time that you are paying a contractor.

Save yourself money by leaving the plumbing and electricity to the professionals. Attempting these projects yourself will end up costing you more in the long run to fix your mistakes.

How long does the project need to last?

Some projects are perfect to try your hand at DIY because you know a larger renovation will be coming in a few years.  Painting bathroom or kitchen cabinets, even countertops are a great example of an ambitious project to attempt. If the plan is to replace these items when you are doing a more complete project in the future, then why not have it look better in the mean time?

How much time do you have?  

A professional contractor will complete the project much faster because it is literally his day job.  Sometimes a project is started with the best of intentions but never gets completed because life happens.  If you can’t focus your spare time on getting the project done, consider bringing in someone that can.

What are your key factors when making a decision between DIY and hiring a contractor?


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