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I have a secret super power.  I can see potential in anything. From empty boxes to ribbons and string I can see so many possibilities. I hate to waste things, and love to have materials on hand for my next project.  While other may see this super power as hoarding I like to think of is as thrifty.  

Crib Railing Display from Paint In My Hair

Crib Railing Display from Paint In My Hair

With Earth Day coming up soon I thought I would share some great ways to incorporate simple ideas to use what you have in your home decor. It seems really simple, but before tossing things out or donating them, think of other ways you can use them.  That crib rail would make an adorable photo collage. A sweater could be used transformed into a new pillow cover.  Old tissue paper can make beautiful flowers to use for spring decor. I like to keep a box (just one!) of things you know can be reused for an upcoming project.

Trade and swap.  Take your items to a thrift store or plan a swap party with your friends to help your home items end up in a new and loving home.  While you’re there you can treasure hunt for yourself. One mans junk is another man’s treasure!  A lot of the unique statement pieces in my home were “old garbage” from my grandma’s house.  She gets a kick out of the things I fall in love with in her basement.

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