3 Yoga Poses For Moms To Be

Yoga is an incredible way to relax, de-stress, balance your energy, boost your fertility and create a healthy space for your growing baby!

Yoga is low impact and is a great way to strengthen, tone and stretch muscles.  As pregnancy throws off our bodies’ alignment and balance, yoga can help you become more in control of your balance and can improve kinesthetic awareness.

Try my favorite 3 yoga poses for Moms to be!

    1.  Downward Dog 

This is a great pose for women who are trying to get pregnant.  This pose strengthens the body, calms the mind and helps you “check in” with your body.  This pose can be done during pregnancy in small bouts and if it is comfortable.  Check with your yoga instructor for modifications if you are pregnant and new to yoga!


     2.   Tree Pose

The Tree Pose in an excellent balancing pose for women to practice to help stay balanced in a rapidly changing body.


    3.  Seated Deep Breathing 

One of my favorite exercises to do during meditation, deep breathing or simply a chance to be still and be silent!  I completed this exercise while pregnant and sang songs to my little girls while rubbing my belly. It is never to early to start bonding with your baby! 🙂


Take care of yourself and your baby to be…breath, stretch, relax & strengthen 🙂

Kelly S & O xo

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