Ditch The Mommy Guilt

Why are we so incredibly hard on ourselves as new Mothers?  Is it because society has put parenthood on this magical made up pedestal where we are expected to do everything ourselves while looking amazing and keeping it all together?!  Ditch the guilt!

We all experience guilt sometimes, and guilt can actually play a positive role in keeping us in balance.  However, the key is to be in control of the guilt, rather than the guilt completely controlling you!

Here are 3 Mommy Guilt Trips and how you can handle them.

Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding:

This is a HUGE guilt trip that many Mothers experience.  After nursing my twins for almost 5 months and not getting a wink of sleep, I felt like a zombie.  I literally was home all day long nursing my babies!  I was starting to suffer, which I knew was not healthy for me or my babies.  I started feeding my daughters formula and the comments started pouring in.  “You are suppose to breastfeed your baby until they are one year!”  “Breastfed babies turn out more intelligent than formula fed babies.”  “Your baby is not going to be as healthy if he/she is not getting breast milk!”  I felt awful!  Like a failure!  I cried and felt as though I had let my daughters down.

Ditch it!

Looking back, I am proud that I nursed my daughters for as long as I did!  Many women feed their babies formula from the start and they are completely healthy, beautiful, smart and intelligent human beings!  Breastfeeding is a very personal decision and one should not feel guilty for doing what is best for them in their own unique situation.

A Helping Hand:

You leave your child with a Nanny or at a day care and you are a compete wreck as you leave them!  You feel immense guilt for going back to work or simply for taking a day to yourself!

Ditch it!

It takes a village to raise a child and nowadays it seems as though we pride ourselves on doing everything ourselves!  Know that taking care of yourself is pertinent to continuing to be a great Mother!  Working Moms, know that you are doing the best you can for your family and that you are setting an example of a strong and intelligent women for your children!

Using The Ipad As A Babysitter:

You need to cook dinner or take a shower so you plop your tot in front of the TV.  You feel so much guilt as you watch them drool over the program!

Ditch it!

You put all of your time, love and effort into your baby when you spend time with them!  It is okay to take 30 minutes to yourself.  Play educational programs for your children so that they are learning and growing.  Moderation is key.

You’re doing an incredible job Moms!

Kelly S & O xo


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