The Five Fabulous Perennials You Can’t Kill

I am not a farmer.  Unlike my grandparents, the ability to grow things to eat seems to have been lost on me. I have the whole 3 kids and house in the suburbs.  We inherited tons and tons of waist high weeds with the house and I can testify that planting ANYTHING will remove one section of garden that you do not have to weed.

I see spending hours walking the rows of the garden center as something I choose to avoid, so buying plants that need to be replaced every year seems to be a waste of time and money.  I head straight for the perennials and asked specifically for the hardy, drought resistant kind.

These Five Fabulous Perennials You Can’t Kill are tried and true.  You cannot kill them.  Sun or shade, ignore them for a few weeks then let your toddlers drown them in their excitement for watering.  They will be just fine.

Hosta – These are tough plants that can survive almost anything.  You can plant them in most types of soil and can survive in partial shade, shade or sun.

Lambs Ear – also known as Stachys byzantina.  This is a plant that I split from my moms house.  She had it planted in the shade and it looked like soft green leaves – they didn’t grow all that tall but they did spread.  In my backyard they grow like weeds and bloom tall flowers easily.  Either way, its a great hardy plant.  Just know that it can look different depending on where its planted.

Hens and Chicks – a great succulent that starts with one main plant – the hen, then branches off into smaller plants – the chicks.  They look stunning and grow well.  Will provide a ground cover and likes full sun.

Bearded Iris – Easy to grow and to maintain. They come in a variety of colors from white, purple, and pink. Plant them somewhere sunny and you can divide them every 3-4 years.

Sedum – These plants are the easiest to grow.  They like full to partial sun and dry round.  They can handle foot traffic and are not at all finicky.  If one flower breaks off simply stick it back in the ground and it will continue growing.

I am definitely not a gardener, just a flower admirer that hates weeding. I would love to know what plants have survived even the blackest of thumbs.  Please tell me what your favorite perennials are in the comments!

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