What Megan Fox’s Baby Announcement Teaches us about Co-Parenting & Relationships.

In case you’ve been living under a pop culture rock, Megan Fox officially announced that she and Brian Austin Green are expecting a third child. And the entire celeb gossip world went bananas! They’ve been separated and NOW they’re having a child!? CUE THE DRAMATICS.

Fox and Green tied the knot together in 2010 and have been fairly vocal about their long-term relationship in the press. The relationship has had its ups and its down, as both celebrities have admitted publicly. They have two adorable children together, Noah Shannon (3 and a half years) and Bodhi Ransom (2 years), and are now expecting another.

image source: SPOT/AKM-GSI

What makes this pregnancy interesting is the fact that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green had decided to separate months ago. In fact, Fox actually filed for divorce in August 2015. So they’ve definitely been separated for quite some time. Before beautiful baby no. 3 was ever made. Not that it really matters.

What DOES matter is that we love that two celebrities are so vocal about their co-parenting struggles and their messy relationship. Because….guess what? Life is messy. And relationships are messy. And all of that mess and complication is a whole lot bigger when you have children and become older. Sometimes, the celebrity world likes to gloss over this messiness and show us only white marble pristine perfection. And this “perfection” is exactly why we love that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are just a real example of all of the complicated parts of being in a committed relationship and choosing to have a family together.

Recently, the celeb couple took a romantic trip together to Hawaii (where they first got married) and had a little “babymoon”. From the pictures that we’ve seen, they look blissful and happy. Since their return home, the tabloids are abuzz with rumors about the couple getting back together.


image source: AKM-GSI

We can definitely say that we’re excited to see how this co-parenting relationship continues to blossom. So far, we love it.

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