Make Mom’s Day! Easy 3-Ingredient BBQ Chicken Skewers Make The Perfect Mother’s Day Dinner!

Spring has sprung!  Kinda… This last weekend here in Denver was snowy… But, it didn’t stop us from grilling!  BBQ chicken is one of my favorite things to grill, but cooking a chicken breast on the grill can be kinda tricky which is why I am such a fan of these BBQ Chicken Skewers!

bbq chicken skewers kabobs

Making skewers out of the chicken makes for a much quicker cooking time, and makes dinner a lot more fun.  I like that skewers are so kid friendly too.  Kids love food on sticks, and these never seem to disappoint!

bbq chicken skewers kabobs

To make my skewers, I use chop sticks.  Chop sticks are great for making anything skewered because they are still long and skinny to skewer foods, but they are blunt, so it makes them a lot safer for kids.  Next time you hit your favorite restaurant where you use chopsticks, consider grabbing a handful of them from the cup up front, and reuse them for skewered dinners!

Since skewered foods remind me of being a kid and having grilled skewers for Mother’s Day with my Mom, I wanted to carry on the tradition and have them for me too.  Last year, I shared a recipe for Mother’s Day for Grilled Chicken and Veggie Skewers, and this recipe is very similar.

Another great thing about BBQ Chicken Skewers is that the whole family can make them together, and they get kids in the kitchen, helping with dinner.  I mean, common Moms, isn’t dinner going to be just so much more special if the kids help make it for you?  It’s an easy job for kids, and is a delicious dinner.  A definite winner in my book!

bbq chicken skewers kabobs

Making these BBQ Chicken Skewers couldn’t be easier.  I used my homemade Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce that is loaded with veggies!  BONUS!  I puree veggies and add them to the BBQ sauce for added nutrition without the kids knowing!


1-2 cups brown sugar BBQ sauce
1 tbsp mesquite seasoning
1 lb chicken breast, diced
chop sticks


Soak chopsticks in cold water for about 30 minutes.

Skewer chicken breast pieces on to chop sticks – about 5-10 pieces.

Sprinkle chicken skewers with mesquite marinate.

bbq chicken skewers kabobs

Heat grill to medium low heat and allow the grates to warm.

Cook chicken skewers for 3-4 minutes on each side – until they are no longer pink.

bbq chicken skewers kabobs

Start basting chicken by brushing on a little sauce (about 1 tbsp per skewer), and turn and baste every couple of minutes until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.  This should take about 10 minutes.

bbq chicken skewers kabobs

Serve right away.

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