Can we talk about Chris Hemsworth’s Homemade T-Rex Cake?!

Chris Hemsworth pulled a classic parent move and left his daughter’s birthday cake order to the last minute. Of course, the bakery told Hemsworth they’re too busy to bake him a T-Rex cake (sorry but…who is too busy for Chris Hemsworth?!).

So, just like any parent who has foolishly promised an extravagant cake that they probably can’t deliver on for a 4 year old’s birthday….Hemsworth got to WORK! He nicknamed the cake “La TRex a la chocolate” and it’s pretty darn adorable. You can see the effort that went in with the various decorations, shape, and icing. Our cake judges give it a 10/10.

Hemsworth Cake

Not bad, right?! We love that Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, are willing to let everyone know that they’re parent procrastinators too. This is real. This is what parenting is. Parenting is doing everything that you can to make your kid happy, even if it means skipping hours of sleep to decorate a sad looking T-Rex cake. We’ve all been there, and these celeb parents are doing it right! Check out this final snapshot from Elsa Pataky’s account (featuring Hemsworth’s cake baking muscles). Happy birthday India Rose, we hope that the T-Rex cake tasted like it was baked with love by your parents!

Hemsworth Cake 2

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