3 Ways to Protect Your Kids From Online Pornography

IMG_20160425_223600It kind of boggles my mind that there’s not enough said or taught about in our kids circles regarding the dangers of pornagraphy.

Believe it or not, there are those who see no harm in it, even as far as giving there pre-tweens and teens access to such material.

I know first hand that pornography can do a lot of damage to individuals personally and relationally. Its an issue that many don’t want to talk about or bring to light, but as parents our kids need us to address this issues before it reeks havoc in their lives.

As technology expands every year, and there are more opportunities for our kids to have access to online content, we should be inclined to get a clear understanding of what they are doing with it.


When it comes to internet access, it always happens in an area for my wife and I to see.


While no approach in this regard is perfect, taking practical steps to ensure your child’s well being in this area will equip them with the tools they need as they continue to grow in this current culture that provides free access to all available sources whether good or bad with a click of a button.


Here are 3 easy and effective ways you can protect your child from online pornography:

1. Update settings on your home computer web browser so it won’t allow restricted or explicit content searches. Your kids may not be looking, but one typing mistake can lead to some very bad surprises. The last thing you want as a parent is for your son or daughter to accidentally come across a sexually explicit website. Go to the help menu on your browser for instructions on how to do this.

2. Limit private time on mobile devices or tablets. Sometimes as parents we give our kids freedoms well before they are ready to handle it. I know I’ve made this mistake with my older 2 kids many times. but now I know when my kids can be trusted and to what level. When it comes to internet access, it always happens in an area for my wife and I to see. Don’t give your kids the opportunity to go wandering online when you aren’t looking or being present in the room.

3. Have a face to face conversation with your kids about the dangers of allowing pornography to be part of their lives. In the end, moms and dads need to be the one to explain what exactly pornography is and specifically why it is something they should not get involved in. If we don’t the media culture is more than happy to step in. The problem with that is they will not have your convictions in mind.


This isn’t the time to be shy or get awkward. A topic like this take fervency and diligence on our behalf as parents. Read books. Research stats. Even take classes if you have to. Get as much information on this topic as possible and begin to educate your children on the culture of online pornagraphy.

What are some other helpful tips you can give for helping our kids? Enter them below in the comments section.


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