Am I an Overprotective Dad?

Am I an overprotective Dad? A post by Chris Lewis of
When I first found out that I was a father and then when she was born, I found I was a father of a daughter I knew that I held a large burden. ahead of me. I know that as a father I wanted to emulate and show them what a good man and good husband was and I still try to do this on a daily basis, but I also wanted them to see that I was there for them no matter what.
Throughout their lives, I work hard to watch over what they do. I tend to struggle with the differences between supporting them and stepping in and getting things done. There have been numerous times when it would be so much easier to walk up, step in and make sure that they did not fail. However, as I have grown as a father I have also grown to learn what I can and cannot do in regards to overstepping the role that I hold. I know that if I step in too much they will not be able or willing to make mistakes and learn and grow from them too. This is so hard as a father, but it is something that I strive to excel at everyday as I know many dads do as well.
Am I an overprotective Dad? A post by Chris Lewis of
I cherish the moments when we can sit back and just talk. I love it when they come to me and confide in me with their fears, joys or concerns. While this does not happen daily, the times that they do are so important and as a father I am doing whatever I can to make sure they have a open door and an open environment to speak openly about whatever the issue may be.
Am I an overprotective Dad? A post by Chris Lewis of
So, am I overprotective of my daughters? Yes, at times I am, but not in the way that you might think. I think every father is overprotective in some ways, as it is, or it should be in the job description in my perspective. 
So, as I look to the future, I can only hope that I can continue to be the model of a man that I want to be for them and they can look to as an example of future relationships that they may encounter too.

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