Save Your Beer Bottle Caps And Make A Bottle Cap Letter for Your Man Cave (Or Any Other Room In The House)

Colorado is the Craft Beer Capital, so it’s no surprise that we enjoy tasting new and different local beer.  Every time, okay, not every time, but when we go to the grocery store or to a liquor store, we find ourselves trying a new brew.  Sometimes it’s the same brewing company as last time, but just a different beer, or sometimes it’s something completely new and off the wall.  But, no matter what the choice we are never disappointed.


Last year for Christmas, I made D.J. a Nuclear Holocaust Fund to go along with Fallout 4.  If you’re not familiar with the game, bottle caps are currency in the game, so it seemed very fitting to make something to hold our bottle caps.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.44.39 AM

Well, since Christmas, our bottle cap collection has started to over flow with some help from our friends and neighbors, and with help from this really, really, really cool beer box that my Dad made us, and I figured it was time to use the bottle caps to my advantage.  Well, in this case, D.J.’s advantage.


The beer box is pretty awesome, huh?  If you want one, shoot us an e-mail, my Dad makes them anyway you want them!

So, anyways, we had all these caps…


And I wanted to make something fun with them.  I did a lot of Pinteresting, and got a couple ideas in my head, and then just used my creativity to make it my own.  As you can see, D.J. is a HUGE Jets fan, so I wanted to continue that throughout my entire project.  I have included a small list of supplies below that you’ll need to complete this project.


I first started by painting my letter Z (just a wood letter from Target), and my frame green.  If you’re framing your project, or gluing your letter to a frame, get one with plastic instead of glass.  If you can’t find one, Ace will sell you plexiglass super cheap.  Next, I enlisted the help of my man Anthony, and together we pounded out over 40 bottle caps nice and flat to glue on to our Z.

After flattening all of the caps, it was time to start assembling.  I used pliers to bend the caps to fit perfectly, and started gluing.  After about 2 hours of hammering and gluing, I was finally done the Z.  Once our Z dried, I glued it to the frame using Gorilla Glue (get the clear kind), and D.J.’s monogram Z was complete!  I probably should have hid it somewhere that he couldn’t see until Father’s Day, but I forgot… Oops.. Early Father’s Day present for him!


That’s it!  It was a little time consuming, but totally worth it!  I can’t wait to save more caps and make the rest of our last name!


wood letter
hot glue gun and glue sticks
beer bottle caps
paint (optional)
frame (optional)

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