Victoria Beckham kisses daughter on lips – cue ridiculous internet outrage.

Here we go again, folks. It seems a celebrity has shown affection toward their little one and the trolls of the internet can’t wait to let their mean parenting opinions fly!

3 days ago, celeb (and former Spice Girl) Victoria Beckham posted a photo of her and her daughter kissing on the lips. The caption reads, “Happy Birthday baby girl. We love you so much!!”

See below. CAUTION: It’s adorable.


Many commenters on the photo started saying things like “disgusting” or “gross”. As most parents know, affection like hugs and kisses between you and your little one is totally normal in most households. In fact, many kids continue to show this kind of affection even when they’re full grown adults.

In support of Beckham, parents all over the world have started posting photos showing their affection with their little ones too. We love that so many parents are quick to come together to support another mom just doing her mom thing. This is definitely something that we could get used to!

As always, this recent viral post has taught us that if you have a problem or an opinion about parenting…perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to shame or judge. Before posting that nasty comment, take a look at your own parenting style and reflect on why it makes you uncomfortable in the first place. And also, is ANYONE the perfect parent?





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